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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should the pope be arrested?

Yes JH Ramsay I’m going to stick with the facts here, and let the argument form itself. I’m not going to try to persuade you, I’m...

Pigeons and mollycoddling

Rebecca Quin expects more from our esteemed university

Generation Y bother?

Nicolas Cassella laments the lethargy of our age

Gap Year Ambiguity

Lucy Keen defies defining a Gap Yah

The Kate Kennedy Club – villains or philanthropists?

Roger Bryant dissects a charity

If life gives you lemons, tweet it out

Fiona Casling makes lemonade out of twitter

Devil’s Advocate: The Price of fitness

Emma Hinds and Nathan Ruby argue about the Sports Centre's changed fees

What music scene?

Jonathan Reyes is disgruntled and unamused

The difference a year makes

Hannah Brownlow is readjusting to being back in the Bubble

If blowing things’ heads of is lovely

Notes on conflict by J.H. Ramsay