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Saturday, August 17, 2019

The temptation of the titties

In his new column, James Leech tells of a fateful encounter on the Old Course fairway

Arnold and the existential crisis

Arnold Schwarzenneger provoked something of an existential crisis for me. The fact that a body builder aroused such thoughts is, for me, wonderfully ironic....

2016, and why this isn’t THE year

Tom Coombes discusses the danger of overly ambitious New Year resolutions

If blowing things’ heads of is lovely

Notes on conflict by J.H. Ramsay

Accommodation Crisis

As accommodation rejections, and some acceptances, are sent out, it is clear that the shortage of accommodation that St Andrews is facing is absolutely...

Does principal Louise Richardson deserve her £30,000 bonus?

You voted No, here's what our writers had to say.

Discrimination, political games, hardship: the truth about being a Brownie

My despondency at being affiliated with the gnomely realm was warranted.

Are gender-specific institutions inherently sexist?

Ollie Sayers and Henry Ford debate the implications of gender-specific institutions.

More than rubber stamps

Bess Rhodes proclaims the truth about degrees

I like money

Our University has accepted over £100,000 arranged by the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. And I think that’s great. Some, such as the writers at...