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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Saint at Freshers’ Week: MiL present Three Blind Wolves with...

Music is Love kick-start the year with a storming set from Three Blind Wolves and Washington Irving.

The top seven reasons to watch ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Seven reasons to revisit Sunnydale and the gang

All that glitters: Behind the Candelabra review

Behind the Candelabra Dir: Steven Soderbergh 7/10 Do not believe everything you hear about Liberace and do not believe everything you hear about Behind the Candelabra. Appropriately...

Miracle Material: a moving study of religion

A somewhat dark 90 minutes of genuinely thought-provoking narrative, which dealt sensitively with a range of hard-hitting, culturally relevant and emotional topics.

EIFF 2013: Svengali review

Svengali Dir: John Hardwick 5/10 A couple of films at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival have sought to take a critical look at the ridiculous, shallow, and...

MUSA closed for extensive redevelopment

On Sunday 1 July, the Museum of the University of St Andrews (MUSA), closed its doors to enable the Museum to undergo an extensive...

Edinburgh Online Fashion Week – Day 3

The glamour and fashion continues as Edinburgh Online Fashion Week finishes its two-day set of Boutique shows.  The online fashion celebration, which I often...

It’s a date…

Comedy in Due Date stems from the usual unlikely duo - an angry man and a fool.

Los Santos, I’m yours: A week with GTA V

Joe Ives gives his thoughts on Rockstar's latest release, and explains why it's everything he had hoped it would be

TV week in review: 09/03/14

Gogglebox and 37 Days head up this week's TV roundup