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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cult film of the week: Spaceballs

Star Wars superfan Marissa Visci examines the parody that mocks everything sci-fi geeks hold dear

Quintessentially British: Paddington reviewed

Could a modern adaptation of a British classic do the eponymous bear justice?

The Critics: The Ides of March

Dir. George Clooney 4 out of 5 Whenever a new George Clooney film is released nowadays it seems apt to ask: so just how many Oscars...

Child soldiers: Ender’s Game review

The anticipated adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel falls unfortunately short

The Woman in Black

2 out of 5 Dir. James Watkins As the eighth instalment in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and The Woman in Black is dysfunctionally brilliant....

Game of Thrones: Mhysa – Review

Richard Browne reviews the final instalment of season three

On the Rocks: A bitter taste of reality

With Easter just around the corner, the Fine Chocolate Society's On the Rocks screening provided a timely reminder of the importance of Fairtrade

The Biology of Interstellar

Many commentators and fans of Nolan have discussed the science behind Interstellar, much less attention has been given to the biology in the film.

The Critics: Tyrannosaur

Dir. Paddy Considine It is a brave man who casts the thoroughly lovable, Peep Show darling Olivia Coleman in a harrowing and disturbing role, in...

Scotland on the big screen

These fifteen films based or set in Scotland allow you to experience the entire country from anywhere in the world. And a couple were even filmed in our very own St. Andrews.