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Thursday, February 20, 2020

From outsiders to honeymooners: Four short books to read this term

For those in need of a short literary break

‘Kinsella-brate’ and have a good time

Armour John Kinsella Picador £7.49   John Kinsella is a poet with few aesthetic pieties. His new collection, Armour, will be irritating to anyone attempting to fold him into...

A Greek myth troublingly retold

Sarah Cate Anstey’s Dion: His Life and Mine is marketed as a refreshing retelling of the story of Ariadne and her husband Dionysus. It...

The Last Years of Edward Thomas

Matthew Hollis’s biography of Edward Thomas weaves literary and personal history with poetic sensitivity. Hollis will be reading at the Stanza Poetry festival on Saturday...

The future of short-form literature?

A new subscription-based service is aiming to do for writing what Spotify has done for music

The Critics: Damned

Damned Chuck Palahniuk Picador £9.99 Chuck Palahniuk is not America’s best writer, but he is America’s most dependable writer. Every year, like a clockwork orgasm, he ejaculates a...

The Weather Report

The Cloud Corporation Timothy Donnelly Picador £9.99 Poetry; Business; Corporations; The bible; Noah: these are, I kid you not, the keywords that will lead you to Timothy Donnelly...

New interiors for Zadie Smith

NW, by Zadie Smith 304 pages Hamish Hamilton NW, by Zadie Smith, had the luxury of a guaranteed readership. Previous novels by Smith, White Teeth, The Autograph...