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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Who won E3 2014?

The dust has finally started to settle on this year’s biggest video game event, so which of the big three - Sony, Microsoft and...

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: Why DONT WALK is a Don’t-Miss

As I entered the spacious entranceway of Kinkell Byre, surrounded by other press peers, I expected a night of class and fashion – the...

‘His Duchess’ Reviewed: Slipping in and out of Sanity

Olia Kuranova reviews the 'stunningly surreal' His Duchess.

Such art: More Light review

More Light **** Tight, intense, fluid: poetry in motion. More Light is a beautiful journey into the cloistered world of living art – courtesans of the...

TV week in review: 23/03/14

This week's TV review checks out ITV's The Widower and Twenty Twelve spin-off W1A

Queering Jesus

The topic of a recent talk hosted by the LGBT Society has been hailed as contentious. But was it contentious enough? The recent homophobic furore...

Swingin’: The Queen of Seventh Avenue review

Katie Brennan's play takes its cues from a host of American classics

University launches its own record label

On 20 April St Andrews dropped what can only be described as the ‘phattest mixtape of 2015’ in the form of Salvator Mundi –...

In the Kitchen with James: Tasty Tempura

One of my favourite pastimes is to sit watching TV and eating snacks; I suspect I’m not alone there. With that in mind, I...

Taken for a ride, again

Taken 2 Dir: Oliver Megaton Four years ago, in a moment of mid-life crisis, much loved Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson decided to ditch serious acting...