Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Minimum alcohol pricing causes concern among students

At least half of all alcohol will be affected by a new minimum pricing law.

St Andreans most likely to vote Tory while Lib Dems lose...

Students at the University of St Andrews are most likely to vote Conservative in the upcoming general election, according to figures which also show...

Police Scotland find no criminality in St Andrews assault

Police Scotland have concluded their investigation of an assault that took place Thursday 8 November in St Andrews, finding no criminality. A Police Scotland spokesperson...

Oktoberfest organisers distance themselves from drunken fights

St Andrews Charity Oktoberfest guests have been forced to sign an indemnity form relieving the organisers of responsibility for “any actions that may or may not result from intoxication”

St Andrews ranked best in Scotland, third in UK

The University of St Andrews has been ranked best in Scotland and third in the United Kingdom by new league tables from The Guardian...

University chiefs want further rise in fees

Recent statements by Andrew Hamilton, vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford, have sparked a debate over the possibility of increased undergraduate fees for UK universities. He...

Wendy Chamberlain MP commends the University’s role in boosting student vote

For the most recent election and those prior, the University has been taking multiple steps to ensure an increase in voter registration among students, including the introduction of iPads at matriculation and working with Student Presidents.

Green Week: Transition Network gives students environmental advice

As part of Green Week, Transition University of St Andrews held its first open forum of the academic year on the evening of Tuesday...

Monkeys learn to socialise

Research by St Andrews scientists shows that monkeys can learn how to be kind by watching others

Plans made to build new university accommodation

Land at Albany Park and the Grange is planned to be developed into university accommodation