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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

From student to business owner

An interview with Storcade.com founder and 2015 graduate Patrick Hansen

Badger cull halted in the UK

Two pilot culls of badgers due to be proceeding in South-East England currently have been postponed until next summer. The culls were intended to...

AI in University Research

The future is AI? Deputy Features Editor Siobhan Ali discusses the implications of AI in university reasearch and how it can help students and professors alike.

The Drunken Monkey: Why we love to drink

There is no doubt that humans have a complicated and persisting relationship with alcohol. Scientific forays into why we love the substance are certainly...

Does Facebook ‘un-friending’ impact real-life relationships?

Computer Science researchers from the University of Colorado are studying how 'unfriending' Facebook friends impacts our real life relationhips. How do our social norms...

The moral complexities of the self-driving car

Imagine you are a self-driving car. You hit a bump in the road that your many sensors couldn’t predict, causing you to veer off...

Meteors light up our skies

A spectacular meteor shower was recently seen over the UK, stretching from Edinburgh to Norfolk, and even as far north as the Shetland Islands. ...

The Northern Lights in St Andrews

How to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from St Andrews, and the science behind the magic and mystery of northern night skies.

Honorary graduate awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Congratulations to Sir Fraser Stoddart who has been awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemisty for his work on molecular machines.

Rex – the million dollar man?

From Star Wars' Darth Vader to Dr Who's Cybermen, bionic men and the replication of human processes represent the potentially grim consequences of 'playing...