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“Have you got your Saintpass?”

The latest student entrepreneurial endeavour taking St Andrews by storm, Saintpass has been featured prominently throughout campus; on Facebook pages and Instagram adverts, outside the Student Union, and along the corridors of student halls. The words which will ring in the ears for most, after the start of this semester, more than others will be, “Have you got your...

An Ode to my Homeland

Nearly a month ago today, I was sat feeling slightly nervous in Gatwick airport. I was about to travel back to my motherland, Cyprus, to take part in a language and culture course with over 40 other young Cypriots from across the diaspora. For three weeks, we lived and studied at the University of Cyprus in the capital of Nicosia....

The Brexit Society

Features Editor Angus Neale sits down with the Josh Samuels, president of the highly controversial University of St Andrews Brexit Society, to discuss their aims, objectives and goals at the university.

“Is anyone here a doctor?”

Alexa Belcheva recounts her traumatic experience of, as a medic, being confronted with a serious, life-threatening injury and the tumultuous emotions associated with it.

Learning how to translate science: the GapSummit experience

Doing a PhD is an amazing experience. You learn how to think, how to solve problems and, in my case, how science works. This is particularly true in St Andrews, home to one of the best universities in Europe. Translating the knowledge accumulated over the years is important. Using your own work to empower others and provide solutions for...

Life in Fife and further afield: a concise guide to getting out of town

St Andrews is fabulous, until it isn’t. The library is oppressive; the delightful Taste loses its flavour by the fourth coffee of the day; the lectures and tutorials you thought you loved become a daily sufferance. You really do love St Andrews, but you need to get out of it: a day trip should suffice. But where to go?...

Gender disparities in Scottish universities: What barriers still persist?

Photo: Samantha Chinomona
Undoubtedly, women have experienced a dramatic transformation in access to higher education in Scotland. While once a rare and shocking prospect, university is now seen as a basic right for women and decades of campaigning has won them their rightful place amongst men in universities. In fact, the number of female students now outnumbers male in many Scottish higher...

Community Action and the Out-of-Hours Crisis

Like all good tales, the OOH (Out-of-Hours) saga appears to have reached its climax. The Integration Joint Board (IJB) of the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership (FHSCP) accepted a proposal to maintain an OOH service in St Andrews community hospital. This has been the culmination of a year’s battle, but what really happened and who saved the service? OOH...

Highlights of Kyoto

Last year, I wrote an article on The Saint sharing my trip to Tokyo in December 2017. After two days in the cosmopolitan hub, I decided to explore Kyoto, another major Japanese city and tourist centre. Steeped in local customs and traditions, the sharp dichotomy between the two cities was glaringly apparent. Kyoto offered a different, more intimate, and historical view...

Overseas Series: Grace Kennedy

In September 2018, while most of St Andrews were enjoying Starfields, I was settling into a country that I was to be studying in, and calling home, for three months: Morocco. When I told people where I was going, I was met with a lot of concern for my wellbeing — “They don’t treat women very well!”, “Is it...