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Saint Andrews
Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Party Like It’s 2010

Bess Rhodes mingles with students and politicians at the Conservative Party Conference

The Magic of St Andrews

Ananda Rabindranath on the world of wizards


Eilidh Beaton on the post-Freshers’ Week blues

Issue 145

It was while jostling for a drink in the Union bar last week – amongst impeccably well mannered, considerate, sober first years out for a quiet drink – that a question struck me, seemingly from above, like a neat, grey-white globule of pigeon poo: Does God actually exist? The question has occurred to me a few times before, quietly yet...

Cultural Cockups

By Francesca Vaghi In Social Anthropology, one of the first lessons I got taught was that cultures are diverse. This does not only apply for the big things, like speaking a native language, practicing witchcraft rituals, wearing baseball caps or the use of cutlery. It also refers to more discreet codes of behaviour, which can make an even bigger impact...

The New Union

The new Students' Association President, Owen Wilton, sits down with The Saint to talk about the job so far and the year ahead

Oh, the places you’ll go

Susann Landefeld previews life after St Andrews

The Fringe, with love and squalor

Hayley Camis on a successful show at the Edinburgh Fringe, minus ladyboys

A university degree & the chance of a lifetime

Ananda Rabindranath on his academic adventures

Arabian Days

Jan Hagedorn on the incidents of complete cultural immersion