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The Sound of Silence

"To write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric”, says T. W. Adorno in “An Essay on Cultural Criticism and Society.” To him, art was irredeemably changed by the Holocaust. Silence became important in the discussion of big, controversial events. Speech fails to scratch the surface of such realities. Our endeavour to contain and translate these inexplicable events into a...

Music is Love: Class Notes

Right, so what or who is ‘music is love’? Well, nice to see you’re not beating around the bush.  Music is Love is a St. Andrews based collective of individuals, passionate about showcasing quality music in what had become an artistic backwater.  Which, roughly translated from hipster, means that they’re a dynamic group of St. Andrews students tasked with promoting,...

Street Fighting Man

Ross Dickie reviews David O. Russell's "The Fighter"

Stuck between a rock and, well, a bigger rock…

'The Green Goblin’s son is turning out to be one of the great actors of his generation.'

Neds (Peter Mullan)

'Non Educated Delinquents. Neds. That's what we call them in Glasgow.'

“The most sophisticated ‘bromance’ to date”

Ishbel Beeson on Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech"


'More sparkle than “Strictly Come Dancing” and Waity Katie's engagement ring combined.'

Good (But Not Necessarily ‘The Best’) Christmas Films

A handful of The Saint's writers on their favorite Christmas films

Nothing Short Of Exceptional

Ross Dickie on Channel 4’s “Any Human Heart”

Cat Power

Iona Emlyn-Williams didn’t used to like A Capella groups. Now, she’s the Alleycat’s biggest fan.