1. Children should NOT be used for political purposes no matter how ‘worthy’ the cause may seem!! They’re brainwashed into one particular view. That’s a communist George Galloway trick. They could just as easily be persuaded into an opposing view. As an adult I support your cause but there are other views about global warming.

    • Those children chose to go by themselves after watching the news, reading scientific papers, and just watching how within their lifetimes the climate has changed. If you truly believe that after decades of evidence collected with each previous prediction being outmatched with harsher changes in reality that there are “alternate views” to the danger and destruction that unchecked climate change will cause, then you truly need to investigate further.

    • these strikes are inspired by Greta Thunberg who decided to protest completely of her own volition. Children are not being brainwashed into ideas about climate change, and are certainly not being ‘used’ to fight for something that will affect them more then anyone else.

  2. Are you f***ing retarded these people are 14 and above. They are above political characters because they are actually doing stuff to make sure the following generations have a life without ‘extreme’ weather. Just because your old ass isn’t doing anything to help our generation (considering you are probably around the same age as most political characters). I will be looking back on your reply to this and I hope you have done something worthwhile with your planet. Ps- I’m 17 and I probably have done more for my planet in my couple of years than you have done in your life

  3. If adults, seniors and governments in the last 50 years would have taken responsibility and action for climate justice, then children and the youth in general would not have to strike now. I fully agree that it should not be left our responsibility but the world’s eco systems are at a tipping point. The brainwashing of generations by industrial interest groups has happened in the past decades, now we have decided that we need to change the reality of our future. Besides, our age does not undermine our intelligence. Due to our education we are very well exposed to the facts of climate change and can recognise the severity of it and therefore see the urgent need for action. For over 50 years it is clear that we are facing a climate catastrophe and what has been done to mitigate it? Maybe we should question who has been brainwashing whom into inaction? Hopefully our strikes and demonstrations will finally signal how severe the situation is. This world is heading to extinction and it is time that adults and politicians realise the severity of the situation. I would also prefer to completely focus on my studies rather than worrying about climate change and my future 24/7. However, we are left with no choice so if you want to help us and ensure that we HAVE a future I suggest getting involved and joining us in taking action.


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