Ladies’ Golf Club to play 648 holes in a day

The event will take place on the 28th of April, with all proceeds going to St Andrews Legacy and Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre.

credits- Taylor Almeraz

On 28 April 2018, nine members of the University of St Andrews Ladies’ Golf Club (LGC) will attempt to play four full rounds of golf in one day. Completing this task means that the girls would have collectively played 648 holes by the end their fourth round. All proceeds from this incredible fundraiser will go directly to two local charities, St Andrews Legacy and Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (FRASAC).

St Andrews Legacy’s mission is to combine “the magic of St Andrews and the game of golf to motivate and inspire ill and injured veterans to improve health, wellbeing, and stability.” While FRASAC acts as a point of first contact for victims of sexual abuse. They provide free counselling sessions, support through police and court procedures, vital information and more. The diversity in the LGC’s two choices of charities means that a wide variety of people will benefit from funds raised during this challenge. The Club are accepting donations through Just Giving and their target is to raise £3,000. Contributions to date add up to over £2000. This will not be an easy day for even the most experienced players. They will be walking four different courses in groups of three with the first tee time of the day at 5:30 am. In an interview, team member Charlotte McCluskey said, “It is going to be a very long and challenging day! That said I am thoroughly looking forward to raising money for the incredible charities! I would like to encourage everyone to donate as little or as much as they can.”

Saints Sport has always emphasised giving back to the community and the LGC has chosen a unique and challenging way to do so. Earlier this year the Men’s Golf Club achieved their goal of raising £5,000 by driving a golf ball the length of the UK. With the level of commitment shown by both clubs it would be amazing to see what could be accomplished if they joined forces. Nevertheless, we’d like to wish the best of luck to these dedicated ladies!

Here are the LGC’s tee times for 28 April – everyone is invited to watch and support!

Castle Course @ 05:30-05:50

Strathtyrum Course @ 09:36-09:52

Eden Course @ 13:28-13:44

Old Course @ 17:40-18:00

Those who feel inclined to donate to this great cause can do so at the following link to the Just Giving page:


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