May Ball: fashion edition

Nora Stai reviews the fashion of May Ball 2017.


In a town distinguished by its multiple fashion shows, it was no surprise that this year’s Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball featured an incredible display of St Andrean style. Last Sunday, Kinkell Byre filled with avid attendees, gracefully donned ball gowns and cocktail dresses alike. The night’s “black-tie” dress-code allowed for guests to take considerable creative liberty, using the event to show off their own original style.

The night featured an impressive array of formal wear. Ranging from classic floor-length gowns, to jumpsuits, to two-piece outfits, the overarching impression cannot be reduced a single category. Many girls embraced the warmer weather, incorporating floral patterns much reminiscent of September’s St Andrean garden parties. White and blush-tones were a clear favorite amongst attendees. These outfits were usually paired with modest heels, and natural, if not subtly summery hairstyles. This, combined with the more subtle color schemes, nicely complemented the sleek fit of the summer dresses. 

Others attendees embraced more daring looks. Scores of girls were seen in hot-red cocktail dresses and stilettos. Many impressed with edgy jumpsuits and heals, or even flaring two-piece outfits, embracing the style of many of this year’s fashion shows. The most enviable of guests, however, were those who chose to pair their dresses with trainers and sneakers. While typically regarded as a faux-pas, all girls who chose to discard their stilettos pulled of their respective looks. If anything, their personal comfort trudging through the mud while inline for rides was worth it; not all stiletto-wearing girls looked pleased when doing so.

The male fashion certainly did not disappoint, holding their own in face of the ever-so fashionable St Andrean girls. While many played it safe with classic formal wear, the majority of attendees added their own original twist. From Gucci loafers, to jewel-toned velvet jackets, this display of originality was a sight for sore eyes. This ultimately attests to creativity of male fashion at St Andreans, which is never outshined by its impressive female counterparts.

All-in-all, the style at May Ball was as eclectic as it was subtle. Showing off the range of St Andrean fashion, last Sunday’s ball featured elements of all past events: from fashion shows, to garden parties, to more traditional balls, attendees embraced every type of look. 


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