JSOC’s first annual ball is a success

Photo: JSOC

The weekend to end all weekends has just been upon us. Along with well-established Welly Ball, a new event has taken centre stage on St Andrew’s social calendar. St Andrew’s Jewish Society (JSOC) organised the first Scottish ball for Jewish societies across Scotland and the north of the UK. With attendees ranging from Aberdeen to Bristol, London to Durham, over 11 universities were represented to experience the very best of what St Andrews has to offer. Arguably the highlight of the evening was the golden words: ‘open bar’.

The event saw dancing, flirting, discussion and every other kind of socialising. Whilst not as riotous as some of the other November events, JSOC ball offered the perfect chance for those in deadline hell to let their hair loose and relax. Food was also offered, with hot dogs and popcorn – kosher obviously – giving the people there a chance to pace themselves with the seemingly endless supply of booze.

Photo: JSOC
Photo: JSOC

Kathryn Rose, the President of JSOC and one of the leading organisers of the event, gave a comment to The Saint on the success of the event: “It was incredible to be able to organise an event that was the first of its kind and saw students from JSOCs all over the country represented. We’re extremely proud of our small but strong Jewish community here in St Andrews and we hope that this is the beginning of a new tradition!”

The music was also a step in a different direction. With a DJ hailing all the way from Leeds, popular requests were played all night. This led to a different kind of atmosphere – one of old pop classics, nineties rap and a few modern ones dotted in. A note must be made to the fantastic value of the event with brunch offered the next day, included in the ticket. The event was quite unlike anything St Andrews has ever seen and JSOC has set the standard for a new kind of ball – one which is a more simple, and a lot more social, which will hopefully be seen again year on year. Most importantly the mix of great people gave St Andrews people the chance to meet others from all over the country, from different university experiences.

The highlight of the evening? Well, it wouldn’t be a JSOC event without someone being lifted up on a chair.


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