University Sub-Aqua Club to stage 24 hour diving marathon for charity


24 hr diveOn the 24-25 of April, St Andrews Sub Aqua Club (SAUSAC) are hosting a 24 hour dive at East Sands Leisure Centre to raise money for Cancer Research. During this event we will have always have a diver under water with some members (including the Captain and Dive Officer) being under water for a total of 12 hours.

This event is open to the public and we are holding a raffle with some great prizes! We are also holding try dives on the Sunday. This is the perfect opportunity for people to learn what it feels like to breathe underwater! Try dives will last one hour and will cost £20 which will go towards our cause. If you would like to try diving please email the club (

If not feel free to come down to East Sands Leisure Centre to check out what’s happening and support our cause – the more the merrier! If you cannot make it but still wish to donate to the 24 hour dive in aid of Cancer Research please donate at’ve raised £1,000 and are keen to keep the numbers rising!

Cancer is something that affects us all, with on average a thousand people diagnosed with the illness every day in the UK. This hits some of us harder than others but is something that will improve with continued research into treatment and hopefully a cure. Therefore every small amount counts but even if you do not donate, support will be everything for the divers during this event so we look forward to seeing you there!


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