Toppings & Company finally opens its doors

  Monday 17 November saw the opening of independent bookseller, Toppings & Company. Its opening has been eagerly awaited by the keen book lovers of St Andrews, whose patience have been tested by the ‘Coming Soon’ poster that has been pinned on the shop window for months.
  The space that was once a china and glass shop has been transformed. Upon walking in, the smell of fresh books is all embracing and the colourful geometry of the old world laddered bookshelves takes the eye deep into the back of the bookshop. Small coffee tables are dotted around the nooks and crannies of arched side rooms that offer complementary tea or coffee to those taking their time to browse through the extensive collection of books that cater to all tastes of the people of St Andrews.
  From the covert travel section to the poetry corner to the rows of modern, medieval or ancient history books, the variety available renders browsing inexhaustible and it is not surprising that plush armchairs are provided, allowing for a sustained and luxuriated peruse.
  Toppings & Company events are familiar to inhabitants of Bath and Ely, the two other homes to the bookstore, which is something that St Andrews in and around is very much looking forward to. In fact, alumnus David Stuttard will be hosting an event on his new novel A History of Ancient Greece in Fifty Lives on 27 November. Scholar tickets, which are half the price, are available for this event on request in store.
  Owners Robert and Louise Topping, alumni of the university, were very pleased with their opening day. Louise commented on the ‘buzz’ felt around the bookshop when finally opening their doors. They look optimistically towards the future of their bookshop in a town that they are so very fond of.


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