St Andrews shopping guide: top seven UK online shops


Let’s face it – the lack of shopping (with the exception of golf wear) in St Andrews can initially be worrisome. Thankfully, these UK sites feature not only favourite brands from all over the world, but also new ones that just might become closet staples.

Asos: Although Asos is probably an obvious choice, their massive selection of brands, cool blog and curated picks make them a must on this list. As a UK student, purchasing Asos Premier for £10 annually is definitely worth it, given the (sometimes) necessity of needing next day shipping for an event dress.

Amazon: Although Amazon is rather lacking clothing-wise their range of trainers and boots cannot be beaten. Amazon is the place to buy gym trainers and Doc Martens for the best price, and the shipping rocks (since the Amazon warehouse for Scotland is quite close to St Andrews). PS: Beware of one click shopping – you might regret it.

Liberty: For those with more money to burn, Liberty’s online shop is a must. Their weekly edits, beauty products and menswear are the highlights. Whenever you’re in London, visiting their store is essential.

Rosiesugden: If Johnston’s of Elgin doesn’t do it for you, this online shop features some of the best non-grandma cashmere around. Since most of this site’s wares are currently on sale, snapping up a hat or two before the semester starts is a wise idea. Warning: once purchased, you may never take off her amazing signature beanies.

Boohoo: For trendy “going out” clothing on a budget, Boohoo is essential. Their range of trendy pieces take the monetary guilt out of buying crazy clothes – or spilling drinks on them.

Girlmeetsdress: This dress rental site is a must-try for those who acknowledge the lack of space in their dorm closet for event dresses but still like to wear something nice (that isn’t the same black TopShop dress everyone else is wearing).

Farfetch: Although this isn’t a UK site per se, Farfetch offers up niche brands from boutiques around the world – good for fashion junkies who like to stand out.


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