Ask The Saint: Freshers’ Q&A


You’ve just been accepted into St Andrews (congratulations!) and now you’re full of questions. Never fear: The Saint is here to help. Ask away and we’ll set to work finding the answers – no question is too big or too small.

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We’ll post all the questions and answers below (anonymously) so that everyone can benefit.

The Q&A will be open until 8 September.


  1. If you can’t decide on societies during Fresher’s Fayre (there are SO many I want to do) because you’re not sure of your workload and how much time you’ll have, how easy or awkward is it to join later on in the semester/year?

  2. I know it’s not the most important thing, – and is a matter of taste – but I get the impression that the Agnes Blackadder, Gannochy House and John Burnett accommodations are pretty old fashioned, grotty and depressing. I’ve been told not to expect them to be as nice as the brochure pictures (and they don’t look too appealing on there either.) Could we get some first hand opinions? How bad are they?

  3. Hi there,

    I’m interested in various student media in the town. Not sure what there is on offer though? Obviously I’ve heard for The Saint (!) but is there anything like a fashion magazine, arts, humour, photography or sports?

  4. I know this sounds odd, but I’m used to living in a village with horrific mobile signal – so in St Andrews do most main networks have decent signal?

  5. A very specific question: seeing as in the Residents’ Guide it says that irons are one of the items prohibited from halls (I presume they’re a fire hazard) is there anywhere in catered halls where we can iron?! Like the laundry room for example? Surely people can’t be expected to go for weeks at a time without access to one, particularly if they have lots of formal events to attend? Thanks 🙂

  6. Do the halls of residences look like what they look like in the brochure photos? The photos for Agnes Blackadder look nice but I’ve heard varying stories about how it is in reality.

  7. In your opinion, what are some of the courses at St Andrews which aren’t taught as well as compared to other? Currently selecting modules and would really appreciate an input.

  8. What is there to do during Freshers besides the events set up by the Union? (And besides, Starfields!) Are there any other events taking place?

  9. If you are in catered halls & want to cook in the shared kitchen facilities on weekend evenings, is each student expected to have their own pots/pans/cutlery etc. or are these provided?

  10. When you said “it doesn’t count towards your degree”, and you were talking about first year modules, what exactly do you mean by that?

  11. Roughly how much money is it to join sports clubs? For those with special equipment, (archery, fencing etc) do you need to own this equipment or is it supplied/available to rent?

  12. when do you recommend we should buy the books off of reading lists? do people normally buy them before advising or when classes already start?

  13. What is the cost of alcoholic drinks like at the Union? I’ve heard a mix of things, and am wondering about budgeting for this-especially for freshers.

  14. Why do we have to pay a £50 matriculation fee? It seems ridiculous that on top of £9000 tuition fees (considerably more for international students) and £6000 accommodation fees, St Andrews have found another excuse to charge their students, especially since they used to manage quite well on only (“only”) £3000 yearly tuition. I hope extra little charges like this aren’t going to be a recurring theme at uni.

  15. I’ve heard rumours that the academic parent always ends up sleeping with the person they’re looking after in 1st year. Is this true? I don’t want one for this reason…


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