Music is Love presents: Euros Childs


Venue 1 Beer Bar, 8pm


The bar of the Union’s Venue 1 had been closed off and transformed into a marvellous, cosy den. Inside were pumpkins, fairy lights and a tiny, intimate stage. An audience sitting cross-legged on the floor topped the delightful image: the two runaways from Moonrise Kingdom could have comfortably swanned in at any moment. It was a halcyon haven of post-Halloween, wintry charm.

The evening’s entertainment came in the form of three acts. The opening support was the solo singer-songwriter Adam Stearns. Skilled with both piano and acoustic guitar, his endearing music was impressively captivating, and at several points reached to heights worthy of Bright Eyes. Bold claim – perhaps it was the atmosphere. His nervous persona and gentle tunes commanded the crowd’s attention immediately. The Wellgreen, an equally interesting Scottish duo followed him; and it was their splendid and sustained two-part harmony that enhanced their sound and lyrics the most. Both opening acts provided great performances, and fun too. Walnuts and carrots were passed round between songs.

The main performance came from Euros Childs, an eccentric Welsh musician whose career and acclaim were both incredibly grand. Eight albums in the six years is no small feat. Arguably it might be easy to simply fire out eight albums of trash, all one would need is an instrument, a microphone, and six years to kill. However, earning the awards and reviews that Childs has, is a stunning achievement. BBC Music pronounced him “Britain’s prince of peculiar, psychedelic music”.

Prince? King. Child’s music was fast-paced and exciting; he instantaneously created his own ambience in the small venue, and everything came together perfectly. His backing band comprised of all the previous performers, and with him as a keyboard-riffing frontman their power doubled. The music spanned jazzy alternative, classic rock and psychedelics, and tipsy dancing erupted suddenly as Childs’s joy infected everyone. It was a weird and wonderful show overall, and Euros is a bloody cool guy.


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