Cat Power


Iona Emlyn-Williams didn’t used to like A Capella groups. Now, she’s the Alleycat’s biggest fan.

Some of you may never have heard of the Alleycats. What they do, who they are and how they have managed to make me delight in a genre which, until recently, had thoroughly disgusted me, needs telling.

To celebrate the start of the Christmas season, some people buy advent calendars and others drink mulled wine and eat mince pies at inappropriate times of day and with alarming regularity. I prefer to watch and listen to these ‘cool cats’ perform two days in a row, on the second occasion while they were simultaneously ice skating in St Mary’s Quad.

Mixed in with their usual bag of classics, such as their rendition of ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder’s, ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’, in true acapella style, they also sang some delightful Christmas songs.

I don’t want to presume that I have any idea what you are thinking at this juncture, but if it is that you are sad you missed this snow-filled funfest, never fear. There is a CD. Acquaintances and near total strangers alike will be painfully aware of this, due to the fact that the eight tracks on it are unashamedly pumped out of my car speakers no matter what the occasion or journey length.

I’m not sure quite what happened. One day I was perfectly happy not having the Alleycats in my life and now, quite annoyingly, I am hooked.

Just what it is about this thirteen person group that seduces my sensibilities was plain to see after watching them perform. Their slow, I like to think romantic, songs such as ‘Use Somebody’ draw you in by revealing their softer side. While my personal favourite ‘Good Girls Go Bad’ encourages you to let out your inner child and dance like a loon.

The energy and entertainment that accompanies their performance is intoxicating, but maybe I am just a lightweight for fun.


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