Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Students’ Association Raise Money for Charities Impacted by Coronavirus

Collectively, over £300 has already been raised by the crowdfunders, with the NET appeal reaching 64 per cent of its £200 target and the Tayside Health Fund exceeding its £200 goal. 

Washstation Agree to Lower Prices

The St Andrews Student’s Association have announced that they have reached an agreement with Washstation Laundry that means the company will work to lower their prices by next academic year.

Principal Issues Guidance Following Covid-19 Lockdown

Students should not leave their residence for any reason other than those provided by the Government and should remain in their room, refraining from gathering with other residents as far as possible. Those who leave their flat or residence for a non-essential purpose or in a group are liable to be challenged by the Police.

Students in Halls to be Relocated to Agnes Blackadder

In an email sent this evening, students currently residing...

University Gives Honours Students Option to S-Code Modules

An email from the Proctor to all University students stated that two sets of regulations have been established amid the "Covid-19 crisis" this semester in efforts to grade students as fairly as possible. 

Difficulties of travel in the EU with non-Euro currency

For many in Britain, it has always been a...

Simple tips for travel

Sitting down with a calendar, laptop, and guide book...

Universal Basic Income: A Debate

Starting in 2020, the world’s hippest social experiment will...

St Andrews Economists: Dr. Margherita Negri

Dr. Margherita Negri is a lecturer at the School...

The 2019 Davos Conference

A few weeks ago, the annual Davos Conference was...