Thursday, December 7, 2017

An ode to St Andrews

Laurent Bélanger explains why he loves St Andrews.
Viewpoint Editor Max Waller sets out to challenge the notion that enjoying your time at St Andrews is the privilege of the "middle-class strata of students."
Rhodri Lavan argues that St Andrews should stop pretending to be an inclusive bubble while the most disadvantaged students are excluded.
Sophie Sanders explains why we should all appreciate the Great British holiday more.
Not for the first time in our new political era, the polls got it wrong. Every polling company worth its salt was predicting a Conservative majority government being returned to parliament this year; the main question commentators were grappling with was how large Theresa May’s majority would be, and what Labour would do when it was driven further into...
James Bundy, president of Conservative Future Scotland. writes for The Saint on why St Andrews students should vote for the Conservative party.
Archie Batra, Chairman of the St Andrews Labour Society, says that students should vote for the Labour Party in the 2017 General election.
Louis Schirmacher, of the St Andrews Liberal Democrats, tells us why students should vote Lib Dem in the 2017 general election.
Lewis Campbell, St Andrews student and Green party activist, tells us why his fellows students should vote for the Green party in the 2017 general election.
Paul Anderson, Convenor of St Andrews Students for Independence, explains why students should vote for the SNP in the 2017 general election.