Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Jake Massel explains why he believes Willie Rennie should be our next Rector.

Don’t ban Uber

Uber provides a great service to the people of London, why ban it?

No news is good news

Rachael Murray argues that we should stop reading the news.
Do we Need a Rector? Lewis argues we do, while Max argues we do not.
Catherine Stihler reflects on her time as Rector

Hiroshima Remembered

Alex Brunner repeats a story he heard in Hiroshima which tells us what it was like to be there.

A report from Freshers week

A Fresher reports on their experience of Freshers Week

An ode to Drouthy Neebors

Why the loss of Drouthy Neebors is a tragedy

The Political Bubble

Michael McCabe argues that we need to appeal to peoples feelings, not merely to the logic of arguments, when confronting politically polarising issues.
One of the most important events of freshers week (apart from making friends and drinking alcohol, hopefully in that order) is the freshers fair where you sign up for clubs and societies.  Problem is, there is so much choice and there are so many societies that you will inevitably end up signing up for more clubs than it is...