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Deputy sports editor Jason Segall has his say on revelations that Australian cricket captain Steve Smith and others deliberately cheated in a recent test match against South Africa.
As the dust settles on England's Ashes defeat Down Under, deputy sports editor Jason Segall ponders if there are any positives to take.
Deputy sports editor Jason Segall reflects on the Ben Stokes drama and assesses the squad England's selectors have picked to travel Down Under to face Australia.
Jason Segall travels down to Edinburgh to report on the inaugural Cricket Varsity match from the Carlton Cricket Club
Harry Dean takes a look to see if the West Indies can once again become a cricketing superpower.
Jason Segall reflects on an interesting summer of cricket to look forward towards an impending Ashes down under.
If you look at just about any statistic, test match cricket is on its way out. This year’s boxing day test in Melbourne, the match which holds three of the top four highest single day attendances in test match history, drew an aggregate crowd of just over 140,000. This figure is 10 per cent less than the number of...
Leaders are not one and the same. They are not uniform. Whether within or outside of sport, you will rarely find leaders who are carbon copies of one another. From the combative Martin Keown to the innovative Bill Gates and the disarmingly respectable Alistair Cook, it is very difficult to categorically define a leader. This means one often doesn’t know...
Deputy sport editor Jason Segall offers his thoughts on the resignation of Alastair Cook as England Cricket captain and contemplates the legacy he has left behind, as well as potential replacements.
Jason Segall offers an excellent review of England's dismal test performance in India this winter, where they lost 4-0 to the world's best team.