Thursday, December 7, 2017
Where are you from? Scotland Occupations Member of Scottish Parliament Education Mr Rennie attended high school in Cupar, Fife, before attending the Paisley College of Technology where he earned a B.Sc. degree in Biology. He went on to receive a Diploma in Industrial Administration at Glasgow College. Family He and his wife, Janet, have two sons, Alexander and Stephen. Hobbies In his free time,...
Where are you from? Belgrade, Serbia Occupations Executive Director of the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, political activist, author, leader of Ecotopia fund Teaching: Along with leading workshops and lectures at forums and at universities, Popovic has lectured at Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, and Johns Hopkins University, among others. He has also collaborated with Northeastern University in...
On Thursday 5 October, the St Andrews Charities Campaign announced the amount raised for the three chosen charities for the 2016- 17 academic year. Last year, the student body chose one international, one national, and one local charity to fundraise for throughout the year. The charities chosen were Women for Women International, Anthony Nolan, and Frontline Fife. Jamie Minns,...

Rectorial Debate: Live

The Saint speaks to Willie Rennie, MSP for North East Fife and leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, about his campaign to be the 53rd rector of the University of St Andrews.
The Saint interviews Srdja Popovic, one of the candidates to be the 53rd Rector of the University of St Andrews.
The Question Time for the candidates in the 2017 Rectorial election, Willie Rennie and Srdja Popovic
Willie Rennie emphasises his presence in St Andrews and existing links to the Univeristy and community as proof he will be able to affect change while Srdja Popovic promises to lobby for a series of radical proposals to improve student life.
Willie Rennie and Srdja Popovic begin their campaigns to be St Andrews' next rector.
Srđa Popović and Willie Rennie are the candidates for the 53rd rector of the University of St Andrews