Friday, July 21, 2017

Issue 208, featuring 2017 print redesign

Do you want to be a journalist? Are you a budding photographer or illustrator? Want to make your opinions heard? Just keen for a press pass to review that gig next week? No matter what you’re interested in, it’s easy to get involved with The Saint, St Andrews’ oldest student newspaper.

The Saint is run entirely for students and by students. As your independent voice, we cover everything worth knowing about student life and the town. We put out a 40-page printed newspaper five times a semester and keep our website updated daily, so there are always opportunities to join.

Lots of people write for The Saint – whether you’re a budding news reporter, film critic, sports commentator or simply have an opinion, we want to publish your work. But there’s more to The Saint than that. We’re also looking for photographers, illustrators, web developers, graphic designers and salespeople for the business team.

During the semester, each section of the paper holds regular meetings to discuss stories. You’re always welcome to come along and hear the articles the editor is looking for or suggest ideas of your own. If you don’t know when the meeting is, just drop the relevant section editor an email.

Contact details for all sections can be found on the editorial team page. If you’re not sure who to email, just send a message to Editor Meilan Solly.