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Saint Andrews, GB
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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In an increasingly globalised world, does data drive society? This month, DataFest2018 in Scotland will explore this and the power of data.
In this article, Deputy Features Editor Tas Vamos explores how our perception of science, objective facts, and universal truths has changed as a result of the constant barrage of fake news.

Seagulls of St Andrews

Seagulls are ubiquitous and unpopular in St Andrews, but few people actually know much about them. Isabel Quattlebaum discusses some of the misconceptions about these fascinating birds.

Brexit and Animal Sentience

Following a recent debate in the House of Commons, The Saint delves into the issue of animal sentience. To answer the question do our pets have feelings or we really just anthropomorphising them?
How to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from St Andrews, and the science behind the magic and mystery of northern night skies.
Congratulations to Sir Fraser Stoddart who has been awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemisty for his work on molecular machines.
Recently, Dr Timothy Raub of the University of St Andrews, joined other international scientists in a quest to hush the hot debate concerning the causation of Earth’s greatest evolutionary event – The Cambrian Explosion. Approximately 520 million years ago, an unimaginable episode of accelerated evolution occurred in as few as 10 million years on Planet Earth. It was named the...
Over the Christmas holiday, I had a conversation with a few friends from home about our favourite memories of university so far. Theirs ranged from drunken antics in the centre of Newcastle to meeting a current beau at an arcade. When I recounted to my old friends my favourite memory from my three years at St Andrews I was...
On 21 September, St Andrews was lucky enough to play host to former NASA astronaut and all-around inspiring guy Duane Carey. Here to speak to both the department of physics and the wider University, Mr Carey was yet another star to add to the list of notable people who have spoken at St Andrews so far this semester. Mr Carey’s...
An interview with Storcade.com founder and 2015 graduate Patrick Hansen