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Saint Andrews, GB
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon sits down with with St Andrews students from Scotland and the US to ascertain how their perceptions of news differ. Are American and British news sources really that different, is how we get our information integral to how we understand it?
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Deputy features editor Julia Bennett provides a general overview of the UK elections manifestos, and suggests some topics St Andrews students might like to familiarise themselves with.
Just 24 hours after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, students from the University of St Andrews made their voices heard at the Women’s March on Washington and other “sister” marches held around the United States and across the globe. Numerous US media outlets have called the women’s marches held in Washington and cities...
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The Saint brings you a timeline of significant dates and statistics from both sides of the EU Referendum campaign.

Brexit and the Bubble

Politics, despite popular misconceptions, affects our lives in several ways. A Brexit would have serious repercussions in St Andrews, since both the financial structure and the entire higher education system are tied up in the European Union. St Andrews would see marked effects on both its funding (due to tuition fees changes and the cease of EU funding) and...
Considering the pros and cons of a Brexit

The polls are in

How St Andrews students view the 2016 presidential candidates
Two blondes in a small blue car drive into the refugee camp. Is this a new blonde joke? Seeking out the high vis-jacketed volunteers, they enquire: “Excuse me. We have come to help the refugees. Where should we go?” This was indeed a joke. But one that is also a true story, in which the subjects were laughing at themselves....
In her first interview as the vice chancellor of the University of Oxford earlier this month, former principal of St Andrews Louise Richardson boldly insisted that universities should remain places where even the most controversial or disturbing viewpoints can be openly expressed. She told the Daily Telegraph: “We need to expose our students to ideas that make them uncomfortable...
Dear contributors to the R&A Ransome Trust: Last year I received a very generous postgraduate scholarship from you, which enabled me to live and study in the beautiful coastal town of St Andrews. What do I have to say for myself now that the year has passed? This is a fair question, although a difficult one. It is difficult on...