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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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French student Daisy Sewell lets us in on her challenging and rewarding year abroad, teaching English in Paris.

Centre for Soft Skills

Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon interviews Laurens Calcoen about the Centre for Soft Skills, a new programme offering workshops on essential social interaction skills.
Deputy Features Editor Julia Bennett shares the details from her conversation with the President of the newly relaunched society, St Andrews Students for Global Health.
Stuck with nothing to do this season? Deputy features editor Tas Vámos discusses some places to see and activities to try out this winter holiday in Scotland.

36 Hours in Frankfurt

Deputy Features editor Catriona Aitken shines a light on her experiences during a winter trip to the German city of Frankfurt.

Shine Theory: Kendra Eno

Adding on to her Shine Theory Column, Tiffany Black speaks with Kendra Eno, showcase manager for St Andrews' Afro Caribbean Society, on the vision behind their new, upcoming event Ubuntu, and what it means for Ms Eno to be growing up as a black woman.
Deputy features editor Cate Hanlon discusses the wide array of Facebook meme pages, frequented by much of the St Andrews community.

36 Hours in Brussels

Read about Deputy features editor Julia Bennett's 36 hour stay in beautiful Brussels.
Raisa Muhtar discusses Mr Gordon Brown's autobiography, and his presentation at Topping and Company's launch event.

Scientists of St Andrews

Deputy features editor Tas Vámos discusses some of the world's most notable scientists, and their relationships with St Andrews.