Thursday, December 7, 2017
Study. Travel. And get involved.” Timeless advice to all entering the coming academic year at the University of St Andrews. It isn’t bad advice either. Our three-modules-a-semester course load leaves us with plenty of time for coming-of-age self exploration of interests, and what better way to do just that than to get involved with the many societies that the...
OTR's Head of Press Jessica Armstrong discusses the first stages of festival development with Raisa Muhtar.
Deputy features editor Emily Lomax discusses the LaFayette Club's upcoming events and vision for the new year.
St Andrews is a quintessential university town, nestled along the Fife coast and saddled with picturesque views of the North Sea. It is only made more desirable by its medieval architecture, and of course, an 800-year old castle. Upon first look, the town is striking and postcard perfect, and, paired with its academic reputation, its history as the oldest...
In a university that boasts the oldest-and some might say finest- debating society in Britain, the extent to which clubs and societies associated with St Andrews are well established and well known there comes of no surprise. Its sports clubs compete in national events and its fashion shows are recognised worldwide. Yet there is always the opportunity for new...
Students taking part in the pier walk
There comes a point in those halcyon days of the summer before University when you think you’re ready- You’ve bought your £3 pots and pans from Wilko, had a crash course on washing machines, sorted out your student bank account, read up on all your classes, and even planned out your outfit for moving-in day. Sadly, none of this...

36 hours in Savannah

Features Editor Kenalyn Ang shares her experiences one summer weekend in rainy Savannah.

36 hours in Philadelphia

Aaron Muldoon shares his thoughts and expectations during a summer trip to historical Philadelphia.
Picturesque bays, rugged coastlines and upmarket seaside resorts make the Isle of Wight the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

The work cycle

Lottie Garton speaks with three fellow peers about their experiences working as summer interns, highlighting the techniques that they feel helped them secure such positions.