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Saint Andrews, GB
Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Deputy Features Editor Catriona Aitken talks to various student journalists about their experiences and what it means to be an 'aspiring writer'.

Seagulls of St Andrews

Seagulls are ubiquitous and unpopular in St Andrews, but few people actually know much about them. Isabel Quattlebaum discusses some of the misconceptions about these fascinating birds.
Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon sits down with with St Andrews students from Scotland and the US to ascertain how their perceptions of news differ. Are American and British news sources really that different, is how we get our information integral to how we understand it?
Deputy Features Editor Catriona Aitken looks into the different avenues through which students can volunteer in St Andrews.

Brexit and Animal Sentience

Following a recent debate in the House of Commons, The Saint delves into the issue of animal sentience. To answer the question do our pets have feelings or we really just anthropomorphising them?

The Shopping Centre Getaway

Features Editor Kenalyn Ang recounts her visits to malls in the Philippines that offer their patrons far more than shopping.
The latest edition of our Overseas Series comes from Kirsten Ross, who delves into her experiences as an Erasmus exchange student in the stunning city of Venice.

The Class of 2021

An in depth look at this year's Freshers. From how they differ from their predecessors, to the St Andrews traditions they have eagerly taken up.

The new club on the block

A sneak peek into the establishment and upcoming talks of The Lafayette Club, St Andrews' newest 'extravagant academic experience'.

Hatch4Good: Then and Now

Niko Frost recaps Hatch4Good, a weekend-long entrepreneurial competition organised last semester by Kickstart Society.