Thursday, December 7, 2017
Deputy Features Editor Julia Bennett discusses this month's game plan with Women in Work.
Aoife Fisher explores the some destinations available in Fife and overall Scotland as scenic choices for activities to do during Independent Learning Week.
The Saint speaks to St Andrews alumnus and government minister in the Scotland office - Ian Duncan.

Why Race2Barcelona?

What is Race2 all about?
The Lafayette Club brings guest Christopher de Bellaigue to St Andrews to talk about his book The Islamic Enlightenment. Deputy features editor Emily Lomax reviews the event.
In their continuing series of speakers this semester, The Lafayette Club invite Tawakkol Karman to speak about the Yemen Crisis. Features Editor Kenalyn Ang discusses and reviews the event.

Taste the difference

Aaron Muldoon reflects on the individuality of Taste Coffee Shop, and the different coffee drinking styles in St Andrews.
Room decor is more than just pleasing to the eye; it can affect whose place is chosen for the weekly hangout, is a reflection of the people that live there, and everything, from the colour scheme to even the scent of the room, can heavily influence an individual’s mood. A comfortable room is often the culmination of many different elements...

36 Hours in Barcelona

Julia Bennet walks us through the streets of summertime Barcelona
Natasha Franks profiles Creme de la Creme, an innovative student freelancing website.