Thursday, December 7, 2017
Sitara, the Asian-fusion fashion show, opened with their first event of the year in Mammacita’s St Andrews on Thursday night. The restaurant was littered with decoration sourced from India and the Asian continent, creating a colourful and vibrant theme for the evening. As a sold-out event, it was always bound to be busy. The party was a very slow start...
George Wilder looks to learn as he journeys to the latest debate offering by Carnegie.

Casing The Joint

Georgia Davies presents the event capitals of St Andrews that you'll never forget, but never quite remember either.
With The Vic newly refurbished and The Rule seething with Student nights Sarah John quests for the best night in The Bubble.
As Carnegie prepares for its annual IDEA's Conference, Emily Fielding tells us what to expect.
George Wilder ruminates on the rigid "tick-list" culture of a town run by University Committees and asks "is the grass greener elsewhere?"
George Wilder reviews the festival-themed climax to Freshers Week: Starfields.
welly ball
September Dust off those ball gowns and tuxedos, incoming Freshers, because hailed as one of the unofficial rites of passage of every St Andrews Fresher is the Kate Kennedy Club Opening Ball. Held around a month after the commencement of the term, the Opening Ball serves as a preview for the many more balls to follow throughout the year. Balls...
Natasha Franks previews the Kate Kennedy Club Opening Ball.
“It’s like war, but with more kebabs”, this is perhaps the most apt description I’ve heard of Freshers’ Week, one I heard spoken with utter seriousness by a Royal Marine two years ago. In the sensory scattershot that will make up your first days here you will fight tiredness, aim to survive the shellshock of Darude's Sandstorm, and watch...