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Stay tuned for more interviews with the sabbatical candidates. Videos will be released over the next several days.



Association President  Lewis Wood, Lewis Campbell
Director of Events & Services Hannah Jacobs, José Antonio Orellana Aviñó, Joe Grimeh
Director of Education Zachary Davis
Director of Student Development & Activities Charlotte Flatley
Director of Wellbeing Claire Shirey
Athletic Union President Tom Abbott, Ellie Robson


Association Chair Jackie Ashkin, Ruaraidh MacIver
Alumni Officer Sam Ross, Shagun Baid
Community Relations Officer Mika Malouf, Hannah Raleigh, Jamie MaCleod
Environment Officer Lauren Davis, Clare Grist
LGBT+ Officer Ryan Hay



Accommodation Officer Jonathan Davies, Katherine Kelly Lynch, Jack Rogan, Joshua Paik
Arts/Divinity Faculty President Nicola Simonetti
Postgraduate Development Officer Mizuki Morisaki
Member for First Years Jack Nevin, Angie Keswani, Benjamin Thrasher, Hyewon Han, Tom Groves, Chun Yan Samuel Yuen
Member for Gender Equality Brianna Chu
Member without Portfolio Olivia Budde, Peter Convery, Marcus Owtram
Member for Age Equality Lorraine Callaghan
Member for Racial Equality Shruthi Swaminathan, Sarah Bourial
Member for Students with Disabilities Georgia Davies, Anna Lloyd, Deanna Rand
Member for Widening Access & Participation Daniel Dov Rey, James Whitehead, Ciara McCumiskey, Daniel Johnstone
Science/Medicine Faculty President John Weaver
Member without Portfolio  Olivia Budde, Peter Convery, Marcus Owtram


Broadcasting Officer (STAR) Flora Rowe
Charities Officer (Charities Campaign) Jamie Minns
Debates Officer (UDS) Ru Ferguson
Employability Officer Liam McDonald, Pat Shareefy
Member without Portfolio Sarah Williams, Matthew Singer, Kevin Phelan
Student Music Officer (Music is Love) Marcell Kovacs
Performing Arts Officer (Mermaids) Matthew Lansdell
Postgraduate Officer (Postgraduate Society) Jennifer Bre
Societies Officer Pia Szabo
Volunteering Officer (SVS) Natasha Bateman


For a full list of candidates, including school presidents and language convenors, visit yourunion.net/voice/elections/candidates/.

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