Editorial team



Elliot Davies - [email protected]

Elliot joined The Saint in his first year as a copy-editor before moving on to spend his second year surreptitiously correcting grammar as web editor instead. After a brief stint as deputy editor he has now taken over as editor, his highest copy-editing position so far. Along the way he has also redesigned The Saint‘s website, introduced liveblogs and spent a lot of time nagging people about social media. He spends his days reading too much news and drinking too much coffee, and in his spare time he studies computer science. He tweets @elimoto.



Deputy editor

Elliott Miskin - [email protected]

Elliott is a fourth year classicist, originally from Hertforshire, who originally joined The Saint to help create and then head up the then new Money section. A fan of stand-up comedy and Tottenham Hotspur, he has a passion for good food, wine and whisky. If you do manage to find him (he’ll probably be wearing one of his fraternity t-shirts) then be prepared to spend hours arguing about politics or sports. Or, to do so on Twitter, follow him @elliottmiskin.



Business manager

Camilla Henfrey - [email protected]

Camilla, the current matriarch of The Saint, spent two years as production manager before realising she was more passionate about profit margins than page margins and took over as business manager. Known for her no-nonsense approach and penchant for gin, she ensures the company is financially stable, working with local and national companies to generate advertising for the paper and website. She tweets @CamillaHenfrey and @saint_business.


Production manager

Matthew Despard[email protected]

Fourth-year historian Matthew’s ceaseless pursuit of design purity shows in his wardrobe of monotone shirts and fixation on formalist modern architecture. Aside from listening to music without lyrics and working through a backlog of New Yorker issues, he oversees The Saint’s production process to ensure that the newspaper’s visual identity is consistent and that the finished product is worthy of its masthead.



News editor

Laura Abernethy[email protected]

Laura is a fourth year historian, but when she is not in the library studying stories of the past she can be found hunting for stories very much in the present as The Saint‘s news editor. Originally from Northern Ireland, she often lives up to the typical Irish stereotype as she believes every problem can be solved with a warm cup of tea or a cold glass of anything alcoholic, though never at the same time. Laura has a severe addiction to Twitter and you can follow her constant ramblings @lisforlaura or @thesaint_news.


Viewpoint editor

Tamar Ziff - [email protected]

Tamar, Viewpoint editor, is a talkative second-year who needs to learn how to use Twitter. She knows about the hashtags, but the inner machinations of the complex social media platform confound her. Raised as a Luddite, she still finds it difficult to operate a keyboard, complaining that it’s too much effort to form words with each letter in a separate place – quote, “With a pen, all the letters are already in the ink.” You can track her efforts in social media @saint_viewpoint.



Features editor

Miles Adams - [email protected]

Miles is a third year international relations student, just like every other American student in the UK. He can usually be found reading the New York Times or FT with a cup of coffee in hand, hoping that it will somehow help him write his essays or assist with article ideas. Hailing from the East Coast, he’s lived in Atlanta, Washington DC, Connecticut, and originally Concord, Massachusetts. When he’s not procrastinating by constantly reading the news, he can be found tweeting around the clock @MilesMAdams and @saint_features.



Arts & Culture editor

Ross Hamilton - [email protected]

Having spent the last year stranded in the Canadian wilderness, Ross has finally managed to find his way back to St Andrews to be greeted with a pint of Best and the Arts & Culture editorship. Previously The Saint‘s film sub-editor, Ross is an avid cinephile but has also been known to dabble in music and theatre writing too. His hobbies include playing far too much FIFA, hacking up the St Andrews links and being constantly disappointed by Everton FC. He is on Twitter @rosshami and @saint_arts.



Sport editor

Andrew McQuillan - [email protected]

When not perched against a bar, flicking his hair back and forth or singing Cliff Richard songs in the shower, Andrew, from Glasgow, enjoys nothing more than reporting on sport. Although his main interest is football he enjoys rugby and cycling and pretends to understand cricket. Follow him @saint_sport.



Events editor

Devini Pabari - [email protected]

Dee fell into journalism quite literally when she tripped over the front step of the Saint office in her second year. Originally a news writer, she co-launched the Events section after pestering the editors into giving her a blog. Going into her fourth year studying economics and statistics, she is rarely seen without her phone or a cup of tea, and is always on the lookout for new things to do in St Andrews. At events, you’ll generally find her live-tweeting under @saint_events or for more general musings on her hashtag addiction, @dee_pabs.



Photography chief

Maria Faciolince - [email protected]

Maria is a psychology and anthropology student who has been part of The Saint‘s photo team since her first freshers’ week. Stereotypically Latin-American in her enjoyment and love of music, dancing and good food, she still claims she is allergic to the cold. Passionate about modern art and travelling, when not busy documenting her eventful student life and tweeting about the Photography section @saint_photos she can be found perusing art blogs and dreaming up travel destinations, which she sometimes tweets about @maria_fm.



Photography chief

Sammi McKee - [email protected]

Sammi is a fourth year psychology major with a love for everything photography. Part of The Saint team since her second year, she has been active photographer for sports, events, portraits and much more. When not taking photos, you can find Sammi melting away in the psychology building, battling it out on the football field or embarrassingly attempting to dance anywhere with an open floor plan. Find her tweeting away about photography @saint_photos or about anything else @sljmckee.



Video editor

Henry Legg[email protected]

Henry was first asked if he was interested in producing videos for The Saint at 3am in the morning whilst photographing an all-night blues event with Dee Pabari from Events. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he warmed to the idea and agreed to set up a video team. He is going into the 4th year of a degree in maths and theoretical physics and fully intends on avoiding the ‘real world’ and staying in academia for the rest of his life. His Facebook page can be found here.


Illustration chief

Monica Burns[email protected]

Monica, a third year English major from Aberdeen, realised at the start of second year that her love of drawing could actually be put to good use, and became an illustrator for The Saint. Wanting to get properly involved by shifting pixels around a screen to an even more useful end, she became Camilla’s apprentice as production manager. How she managed to get a job that requires any level of skill with technology will remain a mystery, but she has since moved into her current role as illustration chief. You’ll most likely find her on long scenic walks and will probably hear very loud rock music playing from headphones before you see her.

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