Editorial team


Rachael Miller – [email protected]Rachael Miller circle

Having joined The Saint in her first year as a deputy News editor and spent her second searching for stories as News editor, Rachael has spent her entire university career as a hack. Now, as Editor, she manages the team and ensures that the newspaper is the best it can possibly be. Rachael is also the Scottish regional officer for the Student Publication Association. She is never without a book and is dangerously addicted to caffeine and red wine. Follow her on Twitter @ram_51.


Deputy editor (print)

Mina Omar – [email protected]

As a first year, Mina was more than a little nervous to take on the role of deputy editor on The Saint’s editorial team. However, her eye for detail, love for design and ability to operate with very little sleep have helped her adjust to the responsibility the role involves. Coming to Scotland from London, Mina has had quite the international upbringing and has lived in Pakistan, New York and Dubai. She couldn’t be happier that she decided to get involved with The Saint so early on and is excited to see what the next few years will bring. You can follow her on Twitter at @minaomar_7


Deputy editor (online)

Devina Puri 
- [email protected]

Devina is a second year Management student, who has recently joined The Saint as the deputy online editor. From Toronto, Canada Devina has worked with SHE Canada Magazine and her high school newspaper. She is very excited to join the team, and is looking forward to promoting the newspaper on all types of social media platforms. With a passion for marketing and design, Devina hopes to create an even more enthralling web presence for the The Saint.  She is thrilled to join the team, and can’t wait to see what this year will bring!


Business manager

Ben Hook – [email protected]Ben Hook circle

Ben is a third year Modern History student, and has been involved with The Saint since his first year. Originally on the web team, he was craftily poached by the previous business manager in his second year, and moved over to the dark side of the newspaper – funding it. Having traipsed from shop to shop offering adverts to local businesses, he became familiar with both rain and rejection. He now finds himself as Business manager, and is relishing the challenge of making huge profits for the team to most definitely not spend on drinking. When he’s not being run ragged by his involvement with The Saint, you can find Ben attempting to play (if thats the right word…) golf, and avoiding the library at all costs.


Production manager

Position vacant – [email protected]

If you are interested in applying for the position please email the Editor


News editor

Joseph Cassidy – [email protected]

Joseph is an International Relations and Economics student, and originally comes from a town called Coatbridge, just outside Glasgow (which he describes as the greatest city in the world). He survives entirely on a diet of caffeine, political news and his own sheer will. He’s passionate about journalism and has been one of the deputy News editors for The Saint for the past year. He’s looking forward to the challenges working for The Saint presents and if he hasn’t become a public hate figure in St Andrews by the end of his time as News editor he’ll consider himself a failure. In his spare time he enjoys obsessively tweeting @josephdcassidy about pop culture and aggressively advocating the position that Albany Park has the best house parties. For more serious news, Joseph also tweets @thesaint_news


Viewpoint editor

Tom Coombes – [email protected]Tom Coombes circle

Growing up in a town just north of London, Tom was drawn to Scotland by a love of drizzle and the prospect of an extra year without having to find a job. Tom has always held an interest in writing and so, having joined The Saint immediately in first year, he quickly became a sub-editor in the Arts & Culture section for music as well as writing regularly in the Viewpoint section. Never short of an opinion, and with a somewhat mixed view of St Andrews’ quirks, Tom’s position as Viewpoint editor serves as an ideal gateway to the world of journalism which he hopes to enter, albeit working for music newspapers such as NME or Q. A passion (and a face) for radio led to him starting a show, consisting of nonsensical drivel held loosely together with a variety of music, with STAR on Tuesdays at 4pm. Normally found outside Cherries on South Street desperately attempting to shirk his responsibilities or speaking to strangers in Aikman’s, he also tweets @saint_viewpoint 


Money editor

Danielle Golds[email protected]Danielle Golds (Circle)

Hailing originally from New York, Danielle studied at a liberal arts college in Ohio, where she took several classes in economics. However, she then transferred to St Andrews to read Medieval History and English following a semester abroad here. She joined the team for The Saint in September to follow her passion for journalism, originally writing for the Arts and Culture section before moving to her current position as editor of the Money Section. She intends to invest herself in the new role with an indefatigable dedication for keeping students informed about all things financial in St Andrews. In addition to journalism, Danielle competes in triathlons and loves to cook.


Features editor

Emma Freer – [email protected]

Hailing from beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, Emma dreams of becoming a journalist who travels the world writing plucky human-interest pieces. On her way there, her role as Features editor at The Saint in lovely St Andrews is just the ticket. She studies English and Social Anthropology and is constantly thinking about how to procure a well-paying internship at The New York Times. (Alas, nothing of the sort exists.) Her grand plans for Features include: putting the ‘special’ in Special Features and focusing more on the nitty-gritty of student life in St Andrews. You can find her daydreaming in the library and on Twitter @SaintFeatures


Events editor

Nora Stai – [email protected]

Nora Stai is a second-year IR and English student. She joined The Saint team last year as a writer for several different sections of the newspaper. Though originally from Norway, Nora has bounced from various European capitals — having lived in Brussels, Paris and Geneva. With writing reviews for the Events section, she has become all-too familiar with Kinkell Byre and the Lower College Lawn, as well as the dangers of high-heels. Armored with her macbook and embarrassing amounts of coffee, she plans on taking the role of Events editor with great enthusiasm. She tweets @saint_events.


Arts & Culture editor

Ruairidh Bowen – [email protected]

Ruairidh joined The Saint in his first year as an illustrator, but soon began writing, and then editing Art & Design sub-section the following year. Originally hailing from culture hotspot Edinburgh, Ruairidh is in his third year studying art history. In his spare time, you’ll find him writing, painting or performing his nightclub act. Forever loyal to The Saint, Ruairidh looks forward to the challenge of leading the Arts & Culture section, and hopes to transform the content and layout of the section to make it more engaging and beautiful than ever before.


Sport editor

Charlie Wood – [email protected]

When Charlie thinks of future careers, the one that appeals more than any other is Sports Journalism. As such, his commitment to the role of Sports Editor for The Saint will not simply be founded on huge enthusiasm for sport, and for journalism, but on the fact it relates directly to his dream job. As well as having written and interviewed extensively for The Saint and during Sixth Form, he is co-founder of the football journalism website, ‘footballprism.com’. This offers perspectives on all aspects of the beautiful game, in the form of articles and weekly podcasts and is followed by many St Andrews students. Charlie will aim to keep all student sports the overriding focus of the print edition, whilst commissioning longer online articles on national and international sport, as well as fostering a sense of community and co-operation among all sports writers via fortnightly or even weekly meetings.


Chief Photography Editor

Yelim Lee – [email protected]

Yelim is a passionate photographer who loves to express and document life with photos. He would never leave his house without taking his camera because he finds that behind every moment, place, and person there is an interesting story to tell. He has a vision of sharing these stories with everyone, while giving everyone a voice and opportunity to speak out. As Photo Editor, he feels privileged to be working with some of the finest photographers in this area, helping share their work with the rest of the community. He loves taking long walks following paths that he has never been to. Although he has experience with many big fancy lenses, his favourite has to be the smallest Canon 40mm pancake lens, the best for carrying around everywhere on a daily basis.


Video editor

Alex Miller[email protected]


Illustration chief

Position vacant – [email protected]

If you are interested in applying for the position please email the Editor

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