Editorial team


Jonathan Bucks – [email protected]Jonathan Bucks (circle)

Jonathan joined The Saint’s news team in his first year, going on to edit the section the following year. After a year of highs, lows, a Guardian student media award nomination, and a significant amount of hair loss and increased blood pressure, he decided to pack it all in for a taste of Parisian life. Yet not even the City of Lights could keep him away from The Saint and he found himself back in its warm embrace for his fourth and final year. He tweets @jonathanbucks.


Deputy editor (print)

Mina Omar –  [email protected]


Deputy editor (online)

Chris Walker - [email protected]Chris

Being a student of international relations with no real interest in a professional career in journalism makes Chris the ideal candidate for a deputy editor. Thankfully, his love of Twitter and passive aggressive emails more than make up for his lack of journalistic talent, and he managed to land himself the job of web editor in February 2014. Going into second year, Chris is looking forward to delegating as much work as possible and taking all the credit. He tweets far too much at @JustChrisWalker.


Business manager

Sophie Grace – [email protected]


Production manager

Omar Ali – [email protected]Omar Ali (circle)

Omar is a Japanese-born UK-educated Egyptian-American studying international relations (go figure). He loves beautiful design. In fact, there are times when he’s walking through the streets of Cairo and genuinely gets peeved over the mismatched typography or off-putting color palettes on some of the bulletin boards. As he carries on, he starts to make mental notes of what fixes would render the atrocities he witnesses acceptable, and dare he say it, effective. In order to understand good design, one must constantly see the world through a constructive and imaginative eye; but in order to appreciate good design, one must first become aware of what differentiates it from bad design. This is the mindset Omar brings everyday to his job as production manager for The Saint. In his spare time, Omar drinks copious amounts of tea and tweets at @omarali600.


News editor

Rachael Miller – [email protected]Rachael Miller (circle)

Rachael is a second year English and modern history student. Originally hailing from the west coast of Scotland, she is somewhat of an endangered species in St Andrews. Having spent her first year as The Saint‘s University correspondent – writing about exciting things like funding and staff strikes – she took on the role of news editor in a moment of madness. Always on the lookout for a good story, she is never without a book and is dangerously addicted to caffeine. You can follow on Twitter as she struggles through life @ram_51 or for more serious updates on the latest news @thesaint_news.


Viewpoint editor

Jamie Macwhirter[email protected]


Money editor

Josh Pooley[email protected]Josh Pooley (circle)

Currently in his second year of a joint Economics and Management degree, Josh worked in the Money section of The Saint as a writer and a sub-editor before assuming the editorial position. Bath is the place he calls home, but spent most of his high school years in Southern California taking time to travel and profit from various unique opportunities. Alongside roles in student consultancy, sports and societies, he seeks to bring the most topical stories about the economy, graduate jobs and local businesses to St Andrews’ best newspaper. Keep up to date with the latest financial news on Twitter @saint_money


Features editor

Emma Freer – [email protected]


Events editor

Alison Hutchison – [email protected]Alison Hutchison (circle)

Alison joined The Saint on a whim in her third year. She didn’t have much experience but writing was something she enjoyed, and getting free tickets to events in exchange for writing a review seemed like a good deal. She’s loved her time at The Saint so far; combining going out to fun events with writing has been fun, as well as a great thing to add to her CV. She became an events sub-editor during the second half of her third year and has now taken over as events editor for 2014/15. She’s very excited for the year (but more importantly the great events) to come! She tweets @saint_events.

Arts & Culture editor

Saeunn Gísladóttir – [email protected]Saeunn Gísladóttir (circle)

Saeunn is a fourth year studying economics but her main passion is journalism. Arts & Culture has always been a prominent section in The Saint and she is hoping that this year will be the best yet. Interested in all the different sub sections of Arts & Culture, Saeunn has been involved in theatre, was previously a film sub-editor (and is still a huge film nerd) and tries to keep up with the latest in art, music and literature. She spent her summer working for a newspaper in the “real world” and is hoping her experience from that job that will make her a better editor at The Saint. She’s on Twitter @saint_arts.


Sport editor

Andrew Williams – [email protected]Andrew Williams (circle)

Andrew is a very keen sportsman but not the most technically gifted. His self-confessed obsession for football usually leads him to pitch side, though once he steps over the white line he more closely resembles a confused ostrich. From afar, however, he is fairly convincing in pretending to know what is going on and in front of a TV he can dissect a game as well as medic can a lamb’s heart, despite being an arts student studying history and Russian. He was born into the red half of Manchester but through gritted teeth can retain objectivity. In his eyes a glass of Pimms while watching the cricket is heaven, although he is a die-hard traditionalist. He wouldn’t be a good sports editor of a St Andrews paper if he didn’t love golf, but thankfully he does. He’s also on Twitter @saint_sport and will appreciate a follow.


Photography chief

Raphaël Benros – [email protected]Raphaël Benros

Inspired by all things artistic, Raphael is honoured to have found a team and platform to spread photography throughout this community. He hopes he can keep raising the standards of photography for each issue and event he gets to cover! Apart from photography, Raphael writes comedy and loves to travel. He owes much of his photographic experience to his travels, his favourite subjects being humans of the world. You can follow his work on his tumblr and @saint_photos.


Video editor

Henry Legg[email protected]Henry Legg (circle)

Henry was first asked if he was interested in producing videos for at 3 am in the morning while photographing an all-night blues event with the events team. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he warmed to the idea and agreed to set up a video team. He is going into the fourth year of a degree in maths and theoretical physics and fully intends on avoiding the ‘real world’ by staying in academia for the rest of his life. His Facebook page can be found here and he tweets @physicshenry.


Illustration chief

Milan Jo Anna Cater – [email protected]

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