Editorial team


Mina Omar – [email protected]

Mina, a second year International Relations and Persian student, has been highly involved in The Saint since joining the editorial team as deputy editor in her first year. As the youngest deputy in the paper’s history, Mina was nervous to take on the role, but her eye for detail, love for design and ability to operate with very little sleep helped her adjust and grow to love her position. Now, as Editor, Mina manages the 40-strong Saint team, ensures the journalistic quality of both print and online versions of the paper and is working to improve the publication in any way possible. You can follow her on Twitter at @minaomar_7

Deputy editor (print)

IMG_0799Tom Claridge – [email protected]

Bringing a wealth of experience from his undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University, Tom is looking forward to taking on his responsibilities as Deputy Editor of The Saint. Whilst also a regular columnist for the St Andrews Economist, Tom is looking forward to helping the rest of the team continue to create what is undoubtedly the greatest student publication of all time

Deputy editor (online)

Devina Puri - [email protected]

Devina is a second year Management student, who has recently joined The Saint as the deputy online editor. From Toronto, Canada Devina has worked with SHE Canada Magazine and her high school newspaper. She is very excited to join the team, and is looking forward to promoting the newspaper on all types of social media platforms. With a passion for marketing and design, Devina hopes to create an even more enthralling web presence for the The Saint.  She is thrilled to join the team, and can’t wait to see what this year will bring!


Business manager

Kim Kay – [email protected]

Kim is a second year International Relations and Modern History student at The University of St Andrews. She has been involved with The Saint since her first year. Kim looks forward to the challenge of leading the business side of The Saint. Outside of The Saint, Kim can be found playing lacrosse.

Production manager

Position vacant – [email protected]

If you are interested in applying for the position please email the Editor


News editor

Joseph Cassidy – [email protected]

Joseph is an International Relations and Economics student, and originally comes from a town called Coatbridge, just outside Glasgow (which he describes as the greatest city in the world). He survives entirely on a diet of caffeine, political news and his own sheer will. He’s passionate about journalism and has been one of the deputy News editors for The Saint for the past year. He’s looking forward to the challenges working for The Saint presents and if he hasn’t become a public hate figure in St Andrews by the end of his time as News editor he’ll consider himself a failure. In his spare time he enjoys obsessively tweeting @josephdcassidy about pop culture and aggressively advocating the position that Albany Park has the best house parties. For more serious news, Joseph also tweets @thesaint_news


Viewpoint editor

Tom Coombes – [email protected]Tom Coombes circle

Growing up in a town just north of London, Tom was drawn to Scotland by a love of drizzle and the prospect of an extra year without having to find a job. Tom has always held an interest in writing and so, having joined The Saint immediately in first year, he quickly became a sub-editor in the Arts & Culture section for music as well as writing regularly in the Viewpoint section. Never short of an opinion, and with a somewhat mixed view of St Andrews’ quirks, Tom’s position as Viewpoint editor serves as an ideal gateway to the world of journalism which he hopes to enter, albeit working for music newspapers such as NME or Q. A passion (and a face) for radio led to him starting a show, consisting of nonsensical drivel held loosely together with a variety of music, with STAR on Tuesdays at 4pm. Normally found outside Cherries on South Street desperately attempting to shirk his responsibilities or speaking to strangers in Aikman’s, he also tweets @saint_viewpoint 


Money editor

Meilan Solly[email protected]

Meilan is a second year studying English through the Joint Degree Programme with the College of William and Mary. She joined The Saint as a deputy features editor last semester and is excited to lead the money section this semester. Previously, Meilan served as the chief staff writer of William and Mary’s student newspaper, The Flat Hat, and a summer intern at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine in Washington, D.C. Meilan hopes to pursue journalism as a career, and her dream job is working as a travel writer for National Geographic.

Features editor

Emma Freer – [email protected]

Hailing from beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, Emma dreams of becoming a journalist who travels the world writing plucky human-interest pieces. This is her second year as Features editor of The Saint, and she loves uncovering new stories about student life here in the Bubble. She is a fourth year studying English and Social Anthropology and is currently working on a dissertation about the American prison system. When she is not in the library, she is either walking to or from a coffee shop. You can find her on Twitter @SaintFeatures.


Events editor

Emma Galligani  – [email protected]

Having recently switched from Geology to English, Emma is a second year with a rediscovered passion for writing and editing. Originally from France, Emma has spent her life bouncing between the United States and her home country, where she has revelled in observing their vibrant people and cultures. Often seen navigating her way through various events, Emma spends the rest of her time with a pen in hand, and enthusiastically aims to bring out the Bubble’s mystical walks of life through the Events section. She tweets @saint_events.


Arts & Culture editor

Caitlin Lewis  – [email protected]

Caitlin has been writing for The Saint arts and culture for the last two years, starting off as an avid theatre writer, then changing fields to become the film editor before she took to role as co-chief of Arts and Culture with her friend and partner in crime Marina Carnwath. Caitlin is from Edinburgh and believes that her passion for that arts spans across theatre, film, music and fashion. She can’t wait to take on the section and hopes she can live up to its great reputation.


Marina Carnwath - [email protected]


IMG_1296Sport editor

Andrew Sinclair – [email protected]

Andrew is a first year Modern History student, who has recently joined The Saint as the Sport Editor. From South London, Andrew has worked for the Saint previously as a deputy Sport editor and has also worked extensively as a writer and editor for the online football magazine Touchline Talk. He has a passion for live sport and is looking forward to ensuring that all the clubs at the University get better coverage during his time in charge. Andrew is thrilled to be joining the team and hopefully starting his budding career as a Sports Journalist!



Chief Photography Editor

Lorelei Pfeffer – [email protected]


Video editor

Alex Miller[email protected]IMG_1295

Alex got his start in video journalism when he was 10 years old, running his primary school’s morning announcement broadcast. Now, a significantly older but not necessarily wiser fourth year International Relations student, he constantly tries to improve on the annoyingly high standard he set for himself in fifth grade. While being a relative late comer to the Saint, joining in his third year, Alex has run a website dedicated to gaming and internet news for a number of years, helping to keep those editing bones from atrophying. He hopes to use the video team to make sure The Saint remains St Andrew’s premier online news source. He tweets for The Saint @Saint_Video

Illustration chief

Dillon Yeh – [email protected]

A passionate artist, Dillon began creating art long before he learned potty training. While his peers in pre-kindergarten finger IMG_0797painted unrecognizable blobs of colour, Dillon made complex compositions of landscapes and portraits. And though, in retrospect, most of those pieces were quite terrible, no one told Dillon that he should probably find another hobby, enabling his artistic ambitions to only develop even further. Armed with his favourite medium of pen and ink, Dillon took AP Studio Art, attended visual art courses at the prestigious Cooper Union and has had multiple art related internships. Despite these experiences, Dillon declined going to art school, instead selling out for a corporate career path. Now a second year, Dillon intends to hold a joint degree in Economics & Modern History, though he still tries to integrate art into his life as much as possible, resulting in his position as Illustration Chief at The Saint. 

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