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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Why the ‘alt-right’ movement is fascism in disguise

Kimon Sourlas-Kotzmanis discusses the hypocrisy and hidden motivations of the alt-right movement.

Brexit: get a hold of yourselves

Dillon Yeh calls for calm in the wake of Brexit, that it's not as bad as it may seem.

Are Tattoos Professional?

Kaitlin Shaw, Archie Batra YES Tattoos – often something your mother does not want to see pop up on your skin over the years. Permanently inking various designs onto your...

Catherine Stihler: My time as the 52nd Rector of the University...

Catherine Stihler reflects on her time as Rector

Wall of separation between marriage and State

But it is thoroughly wrong to elevate any exclusive practice to the status of legal privilege, and hence there should exist a separation of marriage and State.

Student claims more storage would solve alcohol addiction

Hello and welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you. Thank you for being willing to discuss something so personal and recent. Of course, anything that...

The perils of Facebook

Beckie Thomas affirms that though Facebook is essential in the organization of our lives, it’s also dangerous to our psyche

Rhetoric is the Work of the Devil

I appreciate the things that people say a whole lot more when I understand what they mean. Understanding what people mean is made far easier...