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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Governing Best

Allen Farrington looks at how US politics is striving for a more perfect union.

Naming Your Child like an Idiot

Shakespeare famously wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Sorry Bill, but...

Calling Theresa May a “stupid woman” does not make Corbyn a...

Perhaps it is a little infuriating to watch footage of Jeremy Corbyn – not exactly a diamond in the rough world of politics –...

Russell Brand, revolution, and responsibility

Jake Jose insists that Russell Brand is wrong - voting is our civic duty, and the only means for change

Reluctant hegemon

The protests in Egypt and the Middle East at large have shaken the political landscape from Tahrir Square to Pearl Square. Moreover, it has...

Brexit: put yourself in my shoes, it won’t cost you much...

Flo McQuibban, studying three romance languages at St Andrews, is a citizen of Denmark and Great Britain. Here, she reflects on life after the Brexit referendum and the nostalgic feeling of impending loss.

Please, sir, can I have some more?

Stephanie Irwin argues that fundraising efforts in St Andrews should not go to some far-off charity, but should be invested in the University itself

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should sex sell?

Sarah Whaley and Emma Hinds discuss sex in advertising

A lecture on lecturers’ techniques

Harry Hughes on why lecturers should learn to teach.

Let us all ditch the garbage verbiage

Want to hear something scary? How about something disconcerting? Or something so nightmarishly unholy it will unleash upon you a torrent of antipathetic trepidation? Well,...