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Saint Andrews
Monday, November 19, 2018

A winter of discontent?

... perhaps a union consisting of suave academics in tweed and horn-rimmed glasses is not as romantic an image as one of burly Yorkshiremen, faces covered in coal dust throwing whippets and flat caps at MPs...


Arguably, the most important news story in the world today is the current Presidential race of the United States of America. I know a...

Student Protest Woes

Lucy Keen laments the missed opportunity for constructive discourse

Scramble to the top of the A-list

Charmaine Che criticizes our preoccupation with arbitrary university rankings

Unsustainable living

Patrick Campbell affirms that retail in St Andrews is far too student-oriented, and calls for acknowledgment of local needs

The Second Sexual Revolution comes of age

Down South on the other side of the border, around a fortnight ago, Westminster decided that same-sex marriage was something it wanted to put...

The fortnight’s goings-on: a recap

Max Waller's roundup of this week in Politics.

This much I know

It is hungover, retreated from the world on my sofa and huddled in my biggest hoody, hidden in my laptop having just ordered enough...

Kate to return to St Andrews for master’s in Great Ideas

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has announced that she will return to the University of St Andrews to complete a Master's degree in Great Ideas

Catherine Stihler: My time as the 52nd Rector of the University...

Catherine Stihler reflects on her time as Rector