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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Correspondence: Two perspectives on Christianity in St Andrews

Most students are familiar with the toastie bar. A charity that is both simple and brilliant. You’re drunk, you spend almost nothing, you get...

How much damage can one generation do?

If you hoped to leave university with the best prospects you could, then today has crushed that for you.

Blade Runner 2049: Why it’s the best movie of the year

Deputy Viewpoint Editor Laurent Bélanger argues his case for why Denis Villeneuve's sequel to the sci-fi classic is exceptional in both style and substance

Lecturing: it’s harder than you imagine

In a response to our article on bad lecturing, Dr Page walks us through what a lecture should entail

Wolf of Market Street

James Leech pens a cautionary tale about the dangers of shirt advertising, and wins a £1,000 prize for being the millionth writer to produce a Wolf of Wall Street parody