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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Fourth Estate: A mission statement

What is Viewpoint? What does it do, why do we have it? In its simplest, most condensed form, Viewpoint exists to express student views....

Logging Into Love

In a world where online ‘poking’ and ‘winking’ act as substitutes for actual conversation, it is no surprise that chatting online constitutes as a...

The ‘Cinderella Law’: a glass slipper in red tape

Megan Daniels questions the practicality of criminalizing ill-defined ‘emotional abuse’ of children

A Dummy’s Explanation of the Debt Crisis and Greece

Here we have the quick explanation of what is going on the in the news and what exactly the debt crisis means today besides...

Old Trends

The fashion industry loves a gimmick: Gaultier placed plus size models in amongst the size zero norm; Marc Jacobs employs transgender models; McQueen has...

Letters to the editor

In response to ‘Get a summer internship’ by Alice Ralston (Issue 180, 20 February 2014)

The last taboo

David Earnshaw questions why support for tuition fees is so unpopular among students.

One at a time, please

A few weeks ago I took the train from Leuchars to Edinburgh. After having tired of the scenery I turned my attention to my...

The economics of immigration

Jake Jose affirms that the UK government is ignoring the econom- ic reality of immigration

Our plea to be conflict-free

Every year, April is commemorated as Genocide Awareness Month. It became so after the international community recognised that, for some reason, April has been the...