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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should sex sell?

Sarah Whaley and Emma Hinds discuss sex in advertising

Student Protest Woes

Lucy Keen laments the missed opportunity for constructive discourse

The False Standard

J.H. Ramsay on the necessity of a university degree

No one will ever love me

Jack Bunburry is a bad person for writing this

More than rubber stamps

Bess Rhodes proclaims the truth about degrees

Welcome to St Andrews

Nick Cassela wants to part-ay

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should we legalise weed?

Nick Cassela and Emma Hinds debates the issue of legalizing cannabis

That Thinking Drinking Sinking Feeling

Jack Bunburry drinks and writes

Literature for MEN

J.H. Ramsay pumps testosterone into your library

The Power of LOL

Emma Hinds diagnoses laughter for your political worries