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Friday, September 21, 2018

Being a Christian in St Andrews: On discovering identity

Charis Keir talks about finding her identity and experience of finding faith in St Andrews.

How To Thrive As An Introvert

Kaitlin Shaw muses on introversion.


Why gender equality initiatives are necessary on university campuses.

Devil’s Advocate: Should we have so many sabbatical officers?

Yes - Lewis Wood Within the Students’ Association, Management and the Sabbs joke that there exists a “home office” and a ‘foreign office”. The home...

One Inch of Snow is Anarchy? An American’s take on Anarchy...

I hope everyone can take a break from the abysmal wasteland of anarchy that is, currently, Great Britain covered in under an inch of snow, to try and sympathize with a North-Eastern American rationalize the current weather status. Great Britain’s decent into chaos can only be attributed to one thing, and that is the piling up of under one inch of snow.

Why I’m Striking

St Andrews tutor Ethan Landes explains why he is proud to strike, even in the face of criticism.

Being elsewhere: why is it beneficial to do a semester abroad?

Musing on the importance of studying abroad

What is the best pub in St Andrews?

St Andrews is truly blessed. Often derided for its nightlife and lack of clubs what St Andrews can boast above most other places in...

Campus Conversion: A Concern?

Why we should not be concerned by active attempts at religious conversion on campus.

Family is important

Adrian Ngiam considers the importance of family and it helps define us as we go to university.