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Saint Andrews
Monday, November 19, 2018

This much I know

It is hungover, retreated from the world on my sofa and huddled in my biggest hoody, hidden in my laptop having just ordered enough...

Goodbye, my sweet Whey Pat

At  the risk  of  sounding like  the  old, gammon-faced  codger  my mother  often  accuses me  of  being, I  preferred  the old  Whey  Pat. For  me,  there was  something  comfortingly familiar  about  the torn  leather  seating, the ...

One at a time, please

A few weeks ago I took the train from Leuchars to Edinburgh. After having tired of the scenery I turned my attention to my...

The politics of #MeToo

Michael McCabe discusses the politics of Me Too and how it is changing political discourse, using an example from recent events in Canada.

The educational marketplace

As a Social Anthropology student, you can probably guess I’m not in this degree for the money. I came to university for the allure...

Why St Andrews students should vote for: the Green Party

Lewis Campbell, St Andrews student and Green party activist, tells us why his fellows students should vote for the Green party in the 2017 general election.

Wolf of Market Street

James Leech pens a cautionary tale about the dangers of shirt advertising, and wins a £1,000 prize for being the millionth writer to produce a Wolf of Wall Street parody

Charities Campaign: Love thy neighbour

Beckie Thomas on why we should give more at home.

Logging Into Love

In a world where online ‘poking’ and ‘winking’ act as substitutes for actual conversation, it is no surprise that chatting online constitutes as a...

Transition and University

Moving  to St  Andrews  from home  and  home to  St  Andrews is  always  something of  an  ordeal for  me  despite the  fact  I am  now  entering my  third  year and,  really,  it’s old  news;  I’ve done ...