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Saint Andrews
Saturday, September 22, 2018

Letter to the editor: another day, another death in St Andrews

Sir, I learned on Thursday that a student in my small honours anthropology class passed away early last week. I walked into class Thursday morning...

Getting Closer to the wrong things

Perl Li asserts that French privacy laws should not be broken unless for good reason, which the alleged Hollande affair was not

Scottish Independence is Intellectually Objectionable

Scottishness is a tribal identity, the same as every other national identity. Nationalism is not a rational concept; the intellectual foundation for the concept of the “nation-state” is bigotry.

Albany Park: A level-headed proposal

With the number of accommodation bursaries being slashed, why not just do away with Albany Park?

The Wonders of the Library

The wonders of the library

Sacrifice is important in a selfish world

Andrew Sinclair muses about giving up alcohol for lent, and suggests that it made him appreciate what he has more.

Seagulls thought to be responsible for Saint reporter’s disappearance

Mr Coombes was last seen interviewing Mr Gregory McCaw in an all-access interview.

The Fourth Estate

It's remarkable how easy it is to get a degree from this university. The expectations of the students, the standards we are meant to...

The curious case of the St Andrews student

The idea of an ‘average’ St Andrews student is a strange concept. For a university with such a global intake (the prospectus seems to...

Jamie Ross’ election result is a damning indictment of Union politics

At 22:24 in Venue 1 last Friday, Chloe Hill was elected the next President of our Students' Association to rapturous applause and an elated...