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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mind: My Journey to Mental Clarity

Anjuli Clough For most  of us,  university  is meant  to  be place  where  you find  your  career path,  friends  for  life,  and maybe  even  a potential  partner. Unbeknownst  to me,  it  became the  place ...

In defence of exams

Quan Nguyen (a fellow philosophy PhD student) made a case for why exams in humanities should be "abolished and replaced by alternative assessments". Not...

Marijuana – Should We Legalise It?

As more countries begin to legalize recreational use of the popular substance, Linus Erbach makes a case for the UK following suit.

Uber-Taxi Face-off in Madrid: musings on innovation and change

Last Monday the sun rose over Madrid approximately ten minutes after seven. By mid-morning, the promise of an ordinary summer day began to vanish...

Dundee – why the hate?

Charmaine Che exhorts us to love Dundee for all that it has to offer - namely, a memorable Scottish man named Fat Stevie

It’s Never too Late to Make Friends

Is making new friends a territory only for first years? How can you approach this as an older student? Annie Smith explores some ideas to help you reach out to new people

An open letter to Hugh Grant

Strolling into a hall and commanding the attention of first year girls is just too easy, writes James Leech

It’s ball season – but are black tie events at St...

YES The Kate Kennedy Club's balls raise thousands of pounds each. FS is targeting £50,000 this year. Be as cynical and tight-fisted as you want,...

Community and Courage; being gay in St Andrews

Linus Erbach discusses being gay at university.

From St Petersburg to St Andrews

It has always surprised me how much faster time flies when you step back from your everyday routine, leave your comfort zone or, even...