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Saint Andrews
Monday, September 24, 2018

Why St Andrews Should Care About Gun Legislation

To acknowledge and debate the issue... is to offer political participation both through traditional and direct means that are cornerstones of Western democracies.

Dark Humour: It helps to understand

When I say dark jokes are funny, I would like to make something clear. This is not a tirade about why hate crimes against...

Sky News – 100 Women

Kaitlin Shaw looks back on Sky News' 100 Women debate and how the opportunity re-ignited her long-held passions.

UCU Strikes: A response from Chris Beedham

On 22 March 2018 The Saint published an article online in which they reproduced an e-mail I had sent to Tom Jones, President of...

Viewpoint: The UCU Strikes do not deserve student support

The UCU is treating the Students of St Andrews as pawns and using our collective support to further strikes. It is time that, we, as students, cease to support the strikes, cease to allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated, and as a result see the strikes end swiftly.

Devils Advocate: Are Gowns elitist?

It has recently been said that Red Gowns are Elitist. Rhodri Levant and Lewis Frain discuss the question.

On Being Mixed Race In St Andrews

Archie Batra examines identity politics in St Andrews, and why it is not the route to racial equality

Graduating university, and the fear of growing up

Alexandra Koontz explores what it is like to be graduating form university.

Anonymous Pages: Confessions, Crushes and Cruelty

Kaitlin Shaw explores the darker side of anonymous posting in St Andrews.

On Conversations

Adrian Ngiam examines the motivations for, and the mechanics of conversations.