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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

British Media: Pull your socks up

Can we ever trust the BBC again? Can we ever trust journalists again?

A wrenching farewell to a wonderful president: eight years of improvement...

Lila Velcoff bids a sorrowful farewell to the 44th President of the United States.

14 things nobody told you to bring to university (that you...

Dan Einav reminds incoming students of 'useful' items they might have overlooked

Are halls trying to return to black tie breakfasts?

When the Liberty Bell in American rang to proclaim liberty, and oh how it rings very loudly, the one place we might have hoped...

Rectorial Elections: too important to ignore

Despite its lowly profile in the eyes of most students, this is one vote we should all care about

Man vs Dog

In a moment of drunken revelling the other evening (praise be to Dionysus), I was asked a question which I did not think I...

Heroic Change

It has been over a week since all our lives changed dramatically, thanks to the tireless machinations of two Kate Kennedy Club defectors who threw...

Should controversial opinions be given a platform?

YES From the Courier to TIME, the story of the plucky bagpiper who struck up ‘Scotland the Brave’ in order to drown out a homophobic...

My bloody Valentine’s Day

Maddie Gold considers the myriad different Valentine's Day customs and concludes that, on this day, no one wants to be single

The Political Bubble

Michael McCabe argues that we need to appeal to peoples feelings, not merely to the logic of arguments, when confronting politically polarising issues.