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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The politics of #MeToo

Michael McCabe discusses the politics of Me Too and how it is changing political discourse, using an example from recent events in Canada.

UK politics: 2013 in review and 2014 predictions

Mikesh Mistry reviews the politics of 2013 and makes his predictions for the year ahead

21st century feminism and the problem of exclusivity

Henri Dow combats the issues of privilege, whiteness and intersectionality in modern feminism.

I Came, I Saw, I Smoked?

Have you been to Tesco recently? No? How about Sainsburys? Maybe to get some cigarettes? Well if you have, you might have been confused...

Our Father, who art Facebook: is the social media giant getting...

Henry Ford discusses Facebook's recent controversial decision to censor the iconic ‘Napalm Girl’ photograph and how it was more than just a silly mistake.

The Royal Connection

Emily Walthouse determines that the royal prestige of our University need not be its defining characteristic

Rhodes Must Fall in St Andrews? Yes Please

Good Lord, how I wish that St Andrews were more like Oxford. I know, I know. Cue wry, wistful smiles from all the other Southern...

The Great Cover Up

Mammary glands, we all have them. However, I take issue with our social norms and the ingrained ‘Sex-specific veiling’ regarding them. In many women’s...

Propoganda 2.0

Around the middle of 2012, a fascinating documentary film made headlines: it was called Propaganda and it was alleged to be a product of...

Seven simple steps to surviving first year

Ah, Freshers. As I enter my third year and the undeniable reality that my time at university is now entering its latter half, it’s...