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Are Tattoos Professional?

Kaitlin Shaw, Archie Batra YES Tattoos – often something your mother does not want to see pop up on your skin over the years. Permanently inking various designs onto your...

Devil’s Advocate: Is genetic engineering ethical?

Amy Elliott and Emily Allen debate the ethics of genetic engineering.

Letter to the editor: University responds to mental health articles

In response to ‘Student mistakenly expelled due to University mental health policy‘ by Laura Abernethy (6 March 2014) and 'Mental health – we must speak...

The Kate Kennedy Club – villains or philanthropists?

Roger Bryant dissects a charity

Goodbye, my sweet Whey Pat

At the risk of sounding like the old, gammon-faced codger my mother often accuses me of  being, I preferred the old Whey Pat. For me, there was something comfortingly familiar  about the torn leather...

The best societies to join in St Andrews?

One of the most important events of freshers week (apart from making friends and drinking alcohol, hopefully in that order) is the freshers fair...

Response: Association President reaffirms stance on gown dispute

Paloma Paige, Students’ Association President, has responded to The Saint’s Issue 222 editorial which characterised her stance on the price of the official University gown as "insensitive".

3 Groups of People You Should Hate More than the KKC

The vilification of the Kate Kennedy Club may well be fully deserved. Perhaps they are self-entitled slobbering Dauphins, as the recent press they have been...

One Inch of Snow is Anarchy? An American’s take on Anarchy...

I hope everyone can take a break from the abysmal wasteland of anarchy that is, currently, Great Britain covered in under an inch of snow, to try and sympathize with a North-Eastern American rationalize the current weather status. Great Britain’s decent into chaos can only be attributed to one thing, and that is the piling up of under one inch of snow.

Marijuana – Should We Legalise It?

As more countries begin to legalize recreational use of the popular substance, Linus Erbach makes a case for the UK following suit.