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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Grocery gamble: self check-out or cashier?

David Grosset and Raymond Wang present the respective merits and deficiencies of two different supermarket strategies

Devil’s advocate: Has the Students’ Association failed us?

Yes The Students’ Association has failed us. It’s interesting that it’s called the Students’ Association. Might that be because we are ourselves that institution? ...

Devil’s Advocate: Should international students pay for access to the NHS?

We take a look at two sides of the coin on this divisive issue.

Can we live without Facebook?

Sam Mills and Kathryn Nielsen argue about whether a life without Facebook is a life worth living

Pret A Manger in St Andrews: cause for celebration or a...

The greater good vs. The rights of small businesses

The eternal freshers’ dilemma: to study or to socialise?

I’ve barely studied for two years and don’t regret a thing I am about to embark on my third year at St Andrews. I do...

The 5p plastic bag charge: green policy worth the inconvenience?

Yes: With the damaging impact of plastic bags on our environment, it is time to challenge the deeply ingrained habits of our throw-away society.  The...

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should the pope be arrested?

Yes JH Ramsay I’m going to stick with the facts here, and let the argument form itself. I’m not going to try to persuade you, I’m...

Devil’s Advocate: Should Britain adopt the alternative vote?

Yes With the alternative vote (AV) referendum due to be held in May, the British public will be given the chance to make a progressive...

Devil’s Advocate: The Price of fitness

Emma Hinds and Nathan Ruby argue about the Sports Centre's changed fees