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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Is Valentine’s Day a corporate, consumerist holiday?

Or is it a time to celebrate love, be it love of yourself or another?

Should the University of St Andrews join the NUS?

YES Joining the National Union of Students (NUS) is a matter of practicality and of principle. By joining a nationwide student association we are strengthening...

Pret A Manger in St Andrews: cause for celebration or a...

The greater good vs. The rights of small businesses

It’s ball season – but are black tie events at St...

YES The Kate Kennedy Club's balls raise thousands of pounds each. FS is targeting £50,000 this year. Be as cynical and tight-fisted as you want,...

Does principal Louise Richardson deserve her £30,000 bonus?

You voted No, here's what our writers had to say.

Can we live without Facebook?

Sam Mills and Kathryn Nielsen argue about whether a life without Facebook is a life worth living

The 5p plastic bag charge: green policy worth the inconvenience?

Yes: With the damaging impact of plastic bags on our environment, it is time to challenge the deeply ingrained habits of our throw-away society.  The...

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should sex sell?

Sarah Whaley and Emma Hinds discuss sex in advertising

Should St Andrews allow more fast food restaurants?

Rebecca Thomas and Kathryn Nielsen debate on the merits and disadvantages of incorporating fast food giants into St Andrews' quaint townscape

Should UK tuition fees be raised to cover the rising costs...

Jake Jose and Thomas Quarton argue as to whether UK universities should become more expensive, and thereby more sustainable