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Saint Andrews
Sunday, February 23, 2020

Better off alone

Luisa Hill weighs the benefits and the disadvantages to joining the EU, and concludes that Turkey should stay its course

Reeva and the Eighth Minute

A few days ago, I discovered that, statistically, one South African woman dies every eight minutes. My mind cycled through three different thoughts: first,...

Lord of the Library

You’ve seen them: the swaths of bloodthirsty nerds circling the glass prison known as the short-loan section. On any given evening, at approximately 16:57,...

On her knees: Why Kathy Griffin is a feminist

During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live telecast from Times Square this year, as 2.3 million revellers watched in varying states of intoxication, Kathy Griffin...

Dear Mermaids

Enter J.H. Ramsay. Dressed like a shmuck. Speaks with a New Jersey accent. Like a shmuck. Pronounces the word “water” like “wader”, for instance....

Pret A Manger in St Andrews: cause for celebration or a...

The greater good vs. The rights of small businesses

Is direct democracy sensible?

Perl Li considers the implications of the Swiss immigration referendum, and how they reflect a flawed view of representation

Literature for MEN

J.H. Ramsay pumps testosterone into your library

St Andrews has too many societies

St Andrews is saturated with societies. Open your Facebook or University email and you’ll see end-less posts, notifications, and messages all vying for your...

Devils Advocate: Should we have a McDonald’s in St Andrews?

"15 per cent of the student body hails from the USA; how can we deprive them of one of their nations greatest organisations?"