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Monday, July 22, 2019

Scotland and The Booker Prize: an open letter to a twit

Dear Ashley Husband Powton, I read your open letter to Louise Richardson with a mixture of shock and dismay, and moreover felt strongly enough about...

If blowing things’ heads of is lovely

Notes on conflict by J.H. Ramsay

How do I know what class I belong to?

It’s 9:30am. I sit in the library, fingers poised over computer keys. I have miraculously managed to leave Agnes Blackadder Hall before 10am in...

Family is important

Family is important.

Why St Andrews students should vote for: the Conservative party

James Bundy, president of Conservative Future Scotland. writes for The Saint on why St Andrews students should vote for the Conservative party.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist

Katherine Sargeant claims that pop is a job, and Miley Cyrus is doing it well

Timothy’s time-consuming train journey

The day had been long and grey as it always was over here in Her Majesty’s realms. Timothy Darling sort of liked the monarchy,...

Why the ‘alt-right’ movement is fascism in disguise

Kimon Sourlas-Kotzmanis discusses the hypocrisy and hidden motivations of the alt-right movement.

Bully Pulpit

The recent statement by Principal Richardson implicitly issues an ultimatum to each of the Kate Kennedy Club’s members:  Make a public exit from the...

Our brave new world

Sam Mills augurs in a new, paperless era, claiming that we should not mourn the death of the traditional newspaper