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Monday, September 23, 2019

Devil’s Advocate: Should Market Street Be Pedestrianised?

Max Waller and Laurent Belanger argue for and against pedestrianising Market Street.

Does the University do enough to help with extenuating circumstance

YES   As is often the case, the years spent at university, like most things in life, are never completely straight forward and without glitches. As students...

University Challenged: “Rich, elite and Tory”

Is it really right that winning a place at the UK’s third-best university should bring you abuse and assumptions about your background?

Beyonce wins Superbowl

Who won the Superbowl? Beyonce did. When Beyonce’ stepped out on to that SuperBowl stage on Sunday she knew what she was doing. And...

St Andrews and Home

Jurin K. Flores explores what it means to be an international student so far from home in St Andrews, and possible ways to reconnect with home

Obama and his ‘high’ politics

Marilyn Cosson writes in support of President Barack Obama’s recent push to stimulate the discussion on marijuana legalization

Devil’s Advocate – Should students protest in St Andrews?

Yes - Milly Butters We’ve all got a lot of affection for the things about St Andrews that characterise it. As the University is spread...

Devil’s Advocate: Should the Jeremy Kyle show have been axed?

Poll Results: 74% Yes (135 votes), 26% No (48 Votes) Yes - Matthew Leighton I can’t say that I have ever been an avid follower of...

The unparalleled terror of greeting someone in the street

Amy Elliott gives her insight into the most feared social activity of all: the greeting of a friend...

Hail to the (secretary of the) chief

Thomas Quarton lauds Hillary Rodham Clinton for four years of policy success