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Don’t send your kid to the Ivy League? A clarification

As the debate rages over the problems with elite universities, Kathryn Nielsen examines the issues and offers up some conclusions of her own

Propoganda 2.0

Around the middle of 2012, a fascinating documentary film made headlines: it was called Propaganda and it was alleged to be a product of...

The Myth of Pimlico

It is a very British thing to suggest that the world was a different, and therefore better, place in the past. We each have our...

The economy of summer

Remember summer vacation? I don’t mean summer break. I mean summer vacation, when we would get out of school and begin two months filled with...

In Favour of Singer

Max Waller confronts the what it means to be charitable and how people must should on their morals

Girl versus mountain: a beautiful disaster

Following the universally recognised trope of endeavouring to pursue new things at the turn of the new year, I decided to go skiing. Whereas in...

Playing the Game: Life after university

We are constantly reminded of how difficult it is these days for university leavers to get the jobs they were after and how the value of our degrees is diminishing by the day.

Rhetoric is the Work of the Devil

I appreciate the things that people say a whole lot more when I understand what they mean. Understanding what people mean is made far easier...

Neknominations: playing a dangerous game

Kathryn Nielsen explains the dire consequences of popular “viral” online phenomena

Is the current cost in blood worth the benefit in bullets?

To begin with, I must say that I’m biased on this issue. Gun control in the United States is literally a matter of life...