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Saint Andrews
Monday, November 19, 2018

Exams in Humanities should be scrapped

Perhaps the start of the semester isn’t the best time to talk about its end, but here we go. Students studying humanities, from anthropology...

Fife Councillor Brian Thomson defends new HMO motion

The recent decision taken by Fife Council’s North East Fife Area Committee to recommend the introduction of an HMO overprovision policy for St Andrews,...

Response: Association President reaffirms stance on gown dispute

Paloma Paige, Students’ Association President, has responded to The Saint’s Issue 222 editorial which characterised her stance on the price of the official University gown as "insensitive".

The Kate Kennedy Club – villains or philanthropists?

Roger Bryant dissects a charity

Opinion: the HMO ban is a poor policy and a worrying...

‘Town and gown relations’ are a tricky thing. In St Andrews the red gown, famously, was instituted in order to visibly differentiate between students...

How the internet killed the conversation

Kathryn Nielsen ponders whether the Information Age has induced the death of human conversation

Why we should oppose the HMO ban

The NE Fife Area Committee's decision to uphold the HMO ban and to limit the number of licenses throughout St Andrews should be opposed...

The curious case of the St Andrews student

The idea of an ‘average’ St Andrews student is a strange concept. For a university with such a global intake (the prospectus seems to...

The value of academic gowns

Is St Andrews' rosiest tradition still necessary?

What do you wear to a concentration camp?

The Israeli-Palestian conflict is as delicate as ever, but there’s more to the eye than just religion